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Florida Closing Cost Calculator









Wouldn't it be nice if you could calculate your closing costs before you got to the closing table? Where you could actually figure in all the costs involved for budgeting or saving purposes so that you could truly be prepared for this big purchase in your life?

Now you can! Here at the Flerlage Team, we want to do whatever possible to give you all the tools necessary to make purchasing your home, or saving for that home purchase, as stress-free as it should be.  

We now have a Mobile Phone App,  by First Title Trust LLC, that you can download right to YOUR mobile phone that will allow you to figure in all the closing costs associated with a particular home purchase.  By plugging in the purchase price and answering a series of simple questions,  you will now be able to know the total costs involved in purchasing that "dream home" you've been waiting to buy!

It's really as easy as 1, 2, and 3!

1. Go to your GOOGLE PLAY or Apple Itunes Store 

2. Follow the prompts for downloading the App to your phone.

3. You are ready to put in the required information for the home purchase and calculate the closing costs involved!  

It's really that easy!

Here is what the screens will look like, and what type of information you will be asked to provide:



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