What does it mean to be "REPRESENTED BY A REALTOR" in Venice FL?  What are they BENEFITS versus representing oneself? When it really comes down to it, there are so many different things that can potentially go wrong in a Real Estate transaction.

A great Real Estate Agent can predict them ahead of time and resolve them or maneuver around them to protect their client. It's all part of "representing" their clients.  But if you're on your own, it can be a very tough, and often expensive, lesson to learn. As a realtor, we put your needs and interests as the #1 priority and will use all our skills and knowledge to navigate the sale or buy to your benefit. Here's how we'll break it down:

UNDERSTANDING YOUR NEEDS- First and foremost, being represented means that we take the time to truly understand your needs backward & foreward. This means taking the time we need to find out what you need in a home and in the neighborhood & community of your perfect home.  We are YOUR advocate throughout the entire transaction. Unless it feels right to you, nothing goes forward. You need to understand and feel 100% about what is taking place before we will go to the next step in the process. As long as you have a realtor that is working with you, and truly understanding your needs and what you need to get from the transaction, then you are in good hands.

HAVING THE INSIDE 411- A great Real Estate professional is going to have many years of knowledge in the Venice FL housing market, community, people and just about everything you need to know about purchasing a home in their "territory". Now I don't want to align us with a  "Mrs. Kravitz" type character, but you know what I mean, your agent needs to know the 411 so that you can be confident that you are truly getting the local point of view and not the "canned version" of the area and the homes that reside there.

KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR- Having a Realtor "represent" you also means you have someone protecting you every step of the way! I'm not going to let you get in over your head in any real estate transaction. If you've given me your top price point...then that's where I'll make sure you stay. If we are having an issue with a contract, I'll make sure we get that resolved before going forward. Helping you stay within the home search critieria that you provided me is another great benefit. It is very easy to get sidetracked when looking for your perfect Venice FL home. Great realtors take the time necessary to really get to know their clients. I will protect your information and take care of you if complications arise. These are the things that are handled by a Realtor, on your behalf, when we represent you.

4. MEDIATOR/NEGOTIATOR- When a Realtor "represents" you, you now have your own mediator/negotiator. You can sit back and direct how the sale/purchase of your Venice FL property will go down. Think of how much easier it is to make decisions with someone else having to do the stressful business of delivering the information?! Let us do the hard stuff! We are trained mediators/negotiators and know how to work within the confines of the contracts of Real Estate. We can help prepare you for this moment when you will be faced with the different scenarios that will be thrown your way. Then, once we are at that point, you will not only be ready, you will have us at the table and you will calmly be making the decisions you've already been practicing making.

BOTTOM LINE: Getting a Venice Real Estate Professional to work with you on the Sale or Purchase of your Real Estate transaction is a great financial decision. Get a Real Estate Team and that's the BEST on yet! After all, you wouldn't try to put a new motor in your car without taking it to your Certified, professionally trained mechanic, would you? Then why try to muddle through one of the biggest financial decisions in your life without an expert that has been professionally trained to do that job? Let the  Nick Flerlage Team partner with you on this important venture in your life. Take a look at what our Clients have said about our service, then come in and talk to us so we can get to know you better. Together we'll help you with any Venice Real Estate need.


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