Fall is a great time to be a homebuyer for many reasons. There often is more inventory with less competition and sellers are more willing to negotiate. It also provides a good time for buyers to find potential issues with the home as the weather cools down. Although the seasons do not change dramatically in the Suncoast, there are some temperature and seasonal changes that can affect the functionality of certain items within your home. As a buyer, you want to make sure that your home will be comfortable and in prime shape all year round. Look at the little details when searching for your dream home. If you are selling your home this fall, you want to make sure to fix any issues that might keep buyers from further pursuing your property. Here are the key items to look at this fall whether you are buying or selling your home in the Suncoast.

The Windows. One of the perks of living in the Suncoast are warm days year round. Average temperatures stay in the 70s throughout the fall and winter months during the day but the nights can get cold. You do not want to discover that there are drafty windows on those colder nights. Take a look at the insulation around the windows to make sure that you will stay comfortable all year round.

The Air Conditioner. The hot summer days are over so the air conditioner becomes less of a necessity as you head into fall in Florida. This does not mean that you will not still need to use it. Make sure to have an inspector check the functionality of the air conditioner. Since the frequency of use will go down, fall is the perfect time to see if a new filter is needed or if weird noises are coming out of the condenser outside. These issues can be fixed now before it is run all the time next year.

Pesky Pests. There is potential for bugs and mosquitoes all year round in the Suncoast. However, fall is still a good time to make sure that the house is bug proof before the next hatching season starts. Look for standing water that might be the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Also inspect the house for any easy access points for these critters to enter.  

The Gutters and Drainage. September is the usually the rainiest month in southern Florida. This means that fall is the perfect time to make sure that gutters are working properly. Besides the gutters, you should also make sure that there are not any clear drainage problems. Water that has accumulated in the yard could mean that there are grading issues or leaky pipes. This could indicate larger issues that could continue throughout the fall and into the following seasons as storms can occur throughout the year in Florida.

The Neighborhood. Look into any potential developments that could be happening in the foreseeable future. Although new development helps strengthen a neighborhood, it also can lead to inconveniences such as road closures, increased traffic, and construction noise. With nice weather year round, construction never comes to an end in Florida but you do not want the added stress when you first move into your new home.

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Resource: REALTOR® Magazine