What: Eye Spy Venice,

A fun scavenger hunt for the kids

sponsored by the Venice Farmers Market

Where: The 200 block of West Tampa Avenue, Centennial Park Gazebo

When: Saturday, Aug. 1, 8:30 - 11:30

Farmers Market is from 8 a.m. - noon

The scavenger hunt is fun for the whole family!  


The first 100 Children to the Centennial Park Gazebo at 8:30 am receive a goody bag with spy maps and clues.

Following the map, kids will learn about healthy eating, safety & more. Once you travel to all the sights, go back to the Gazebo to collect your prize!

Open to all ages.

*Children must be accompanied by an adult*



What: A yard sale where all proceeds benefit Save The Animals Now

Where: 802 The Rialto 

When: Saturday and Sunday, August 1st and 2nd

Save The Animals Now is a strong force when it comes to Animal Wellfare.  Believing that all it takes is one person to make a difference, they are constantly creating opportunities for the community to get involved.  They are also big thinkers; securing strategic partnerships to spread the word; their latest partner...AMAZON! Yup!  If you buy things on Amazon, Save The Animals Now can get a part of what you spend...and YOU PAY NOTHING EXTRA!...though the animals are the real winners.  Now that's a sweet deal!  So, next time you need to shop on Amazon Head to the SAVE THE ANIMALS NOW website and access Amazon through there!  You can find more information about the program here

Mission: "To raise funds to provide financial assistance for medical care which is above and beyond routine care to any species of animals with a main focus on animals that would be needlessly euthanized at rescues, shelters or other facilities that do not have proper funding available for the needed care to keep the animal alive.  To also assist private owners who are at risk of losing their pet due to an unforeseen medical bill for the animal, and to educate the community about available resources to help maintain care and ownership of their pets, such as low cost clinics. To assist other animal welfare organizations with situations and projects when such cooperation would result in saving lives.  The intent is to eliminate killing savable animals because of monetary issues and to keep pets from being placed in shelters, with an ultimate goal of helping to achieve a no-kill community."    


    Sarasota County Animal Services has a no cost/low cost spaying and neutering program for your pets. This program is designed for people who are on low or fixed incomes. If you are qualified to receive benefits from other social programs or have a low or fixed income, you probably also qualify for this program.   
    Sarasota County Animal Services is located at:  
   8451 Bee Ridge Road  |  Sarasota, FL  34241  |  (941) 861-9500.

    *This program does not cover the cost of a mandatory rabies vaccination and license tag, additional examination fees or vaccination fees that may be required by your veterinarian.  

    *In addition to managing the animal population, sterilization prevents irritability and aggressiveness. It can increase the lifespan of your pet, among other health benefits, reduce the urge to roam, and reduce spraying in male cats.

If you can't attend this weekend's event you can always go to the website to make a donation!