There’s been a little anxiety recently about where exactly the real estate market is heading, but growth here in Sarasota County Florida is at a record pace, and in some ways exceeding the numbers of the building boom prior to the Great Recession.  There has been a huge increase in building permits for new construction and renovations both in the private and commercial sectors, which is a great indicator of what the current market is like. The cites of Venice Florida and North Port Florida are both adding staff to handle such an increase of permits, which are set to exceed more than the 5,000 permits which were issued in 2014. 

North Port has already issued 4,500 permits this year, including remodels, new homes, and commercial projects.  The city projections for single family homes were for 300, already there have been 440 of these permits this year and the fiscal period ends in October.  There is still a lot of room for growth, at 104 miles, North Port is only a quarter built out. 

Permits are also on the rise in the City of Sarasota, and Unicorporated Sarasota, as well as in the town of Longoboat Key.  6,000 new houses have been approved to be built in the northeast sector, including 1,700 homes in Tuscana Isles and over 700 in the Village of Milano.   Along with this building boom, property values are expected to appreciate 9.36% above last year.  It will be the third consecutive year of growth and the biggest increase since 2008.  

City Manager Jonathan Lewis noted last week in the State Of The City Address that

“North Port’s preliminary saw more than $72 million in new construction added to our tax roll.” 

So, it is clear that the market is booming and is right where it was pre-recession, with Mortgage standards still loosening, buying now is the best decision you could make as a homebuyer.  

We are so excited about the new developments in the area, some of which have already broken ground and are in the building process while others are just getting started!  Either way, there are incredible opportunities.  So check out the new homes and buy before MORTGAGE RATES start to skyrocket back to the rates of old!  Here is a direct link right to the New Construction on the Suncoast:  New Developments

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