We have one word two words for the FLORIDA Real Estate Market right now....Fast & Furious!  Yes, it's named after the Blockbuster Feature Film of the same name, and with good reason. houses are coming off the market almost as quickly as they are being put on the market, so Home Buyers need to be well prepared before starting their Venice FL Home buying search. Before we get into how you need to be prepared, let's take a look at the statistics and how they compare to just one year ago at this time.






As you can see, the Median List Price of homes has increased almost $50,000 and the average days a home is on the market has decreased by 12...and these are the numbers as of April 2015! The more we get into the month of May the better those numbers will become.  That is why we are saying, the Venice and Florida marketplace is truly Fast & Furious at this time. 

It isn't surprising when you look at the fact that the banks are loosening the Credit noose and Interest Rates are still near historic lows. The one area that does NEED to improve is the housing inventory and that is why we say that NOW is the time to SELL YOUR VENICE HOME! If you have considered selling your home this year...now is your time.

For our Venice Home Buyers, here are the things you need to know if you are going to effectively navigate the housing market at this time: 

(We've even included the songs from the Fast & Furious soundtrack that support our steps)

WHAT IS GETTING LOW? Listings! They spent 12 fewer days on the market in April than last year and are expected to spend even fewer days in May!

HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? When a market is moving fast, you need to decide a few things up front very quickly. Seventy-eight percent of home searches start on the Web, and 90% of buyers use the Internet at some point during the search and buying process. Review's show that traffic, searches, and listing views are up more than 35% over last year.

In general, 3 million jobs were created and close to 1.5 million new households were formed in the past year.  That shows that more & more people want new homes nationwide, & here in the Venice FL area, of their own and they want it now and they want it bad. The only bad news is that inventory is low, so finding the "home of their dreams" is going to be much harder than in the past years....testing their patience! This was the #1 problem for buyers in April- low inventory & not finding the home that they really liked and met their needs!

So what is it that you need to decide?  What you want, What you are able to afford, Where you want to live, and What you want in a home & neighborhood. Lastly the big question....What are you willing to give up or negotiate with, if you find the home you are really looking for?

"SEE YOU AGAIN.....FAMILIES ALL WE'VE GOT" Although this song is obviously a moving tribute to the movies lost star, Paul Walker, the words aptly fit into our world of homes so well. HOME is where our family's heart and soul reside. It is the nucleus of our everyday lives and where we share our lives with each other. So it's no wonder that Buying A Home remains the American Dream and why so many people are STILL making it the #1 priority for themselves and their families. With the market rebounding back, interest rates still near historic lows and more homes making there way onto the Venice market weekly....this IS THE TIME TO MAKE YOUR DREAM OF OWNING A HOME A REALITY!

If you are looking to move-up into that DREAM HOME, or downsize into a more manageable home now that the kids have grown....NOW IS THE TIME! With all the Real Estate Guru's reporting, these numbers will NOT hold for long and we will not see them this low for a long time to come. Don't miss your chance, come in and talk with us today!  We'll find you the home that suits your wants & needs before the market turns again.

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