Planning on putting your Venice FL home on the market?  Whether you are doing it yourself or using a Professional Real Estate Team who specializes in the Venice Florida area housing market, the issues of safety still apply.  

We've all heard the stories about things happening to agents who met with some "not so wonderful" situations when meeting a potential buyer, alone at a empty house, those incidents are NOT the norm.  However, it's still good practice to take the necessary steps to protect yourself from any type of unsavory situation- however rare they might be.

Here are 5 safety tips for Home Sellers, to ensure you are happy & safe at all times during a Home Showing.   

  1. Make A Plan and Stick To It!  A good plan, inherently lowers any potential risk.  Identify who will show the home, you, your agent, or the buyer agent...and how they will enter.  DO NOT USE A HIDE-A-KEY!  I wouldn't even use a combination lock, because really, you have no idea who else might know the combination after you start sharing it.  It may sound a little paranoid, but come on, do you want anyone but your immediate family to have a key to your house?... I wouldn't.
  2. Put Your Home On A Schedule  Yes, you want to be flexible so buyers can see the house on their schedule, but you don't want it to be so easy as to "just stop over anytime".  Control the access to your home, and create a schedule to reduce the risks of people taking advantage of an "anytime schedule".  
  3. Secure Valubles and Medications There have been stories in the news of prescription medication's missing from homes during open houses.  Though I can't say these are stories we hear personally here in Cheshire, we do know that they can happen. Therefore, it is important to take the simple precautions; secure your valubles and medications.   
  4. Control Who Sees Your Home Because the incidence rate of agents who have been harmed when going to a home alone to meet a client has been climbing, it is a good policy that ANYONE showing a home to a new client, get to know them & their background, as well as having another individual with you when showing the home for the first time, to that individual.  If you are home alone and are asked to show your home, make a good judgement call.  If you don't feel right about doing it at that time, then turn down the prospect and schedule for another time when you will have at least two of you in the home.  Or consider listing with a Real Estate professional that can take that stress off of you completely!    
  5. Never Show Alone As Real Estate Professionals, we work with Home Buyers all the time, but there is a system to reduce unnecessary risks; like meeting at the office first or taking a colleague with us.  Unless you already know the person who is coming to see your home, qualify them!  After you deem them, 1. Safe and 2. Likely To Buy, schedule the showing and have at least one other person there with you.  It can be a family member, friend or roommate.   Then guide them through the home, don't let them just wander around alone!

If you have any questions, please give us a call or visit our website!  Nick Flerlage Team  at  941-882-2229.

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