School is right around the corner! It can be a rocky transition from summer to school for many kids, here are some tips to help your child make the transition into a happy successful school year.  

Parents should start making those transitions now.  Get on a regular school year sleep and meal schedule.  Visit the school, talk about school, make sure they are familiar with their school environment and what will be expected of them.  Let them know what to expect moving up into a new grade.  Help them make a gradual adjustment rather than waiting until the last minute.  They will be better prepared physically and mentally, and will get off to a great start, which is important, as getting off to a lousy start can impact the rest of the year.  


Build Excitement! 

Get your children ready for school, by making it fun.  Back to school shopping is a perfect way to do this, by bringing the whole family out for the adventure...and make it an adventure! Try a scavenger hunt for the school supplies, make a list and make each child responsible for certain items on the list....make sure to cross them off once they are found!  It teaches the child organizational skills along with the feeling of accomplishment once they have completed the task.


Establish a school year schedule

Getting your child back on a meal/sleep schedule that mimics their school year needs to start NOW! Summer schedules tend to be lax...and they should be.  Kids need down time in the summer and straying from school time routines and schedules are OK for those months. However, getting back to family meals around the table at certain times of the day and going to bed at an earlier time (and the same time everyday) will be critical to your child's success. So start now to create a routine tha they will be used to by the time school actually starts.

Talk about school often

Ask them questions.  Discuss anxieties.  Keep the door of communication open and ask a lot of questions.  Stay engaged with your child.  

A Few Days To Go:

Back To School Activities
Find back to school activities for your school; meet and greets with teachers, back to school night picnics, etc.  Many schools have a variety of events as school approaches and it's important to have your children attend these events to get them reintroduced to school, teachers, friends and the general "school" environment. Check their websites or visit the school office.

Practice your morning routine
Figure out how long it takes to get everyone ready and out the door.  If your kids are walking… walk the route with them.  If they ride the bus, try to meet the bus driver before the first day of school so your child knows who will be picking them up...ahead of time.  Help them feel completely confident about the process.


Check yourself
Know what you need in order to keep these busy mornings running smoothly.  Any prep you can do the night before usually makes for an easier morning.  Make lunches, get coffee ready, review homework, etc.  Practice your own routine before the school year stresses arrive.  


A little planning can make back-to-school time more exciting and fun rather than hectic and exhausting!  

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