Top Real Estate Tips For This Fall 


1. Sweat the small stuff (sellers)

Little touches go a long way.  Start with the first thing buyers see; Trim bushes, wash walkways and change out trampled welcome mats, maximize that curb appeal!  Open up a better Homes and Gardens magazine; Fix all he doors, including closet doors.  You want all of these opening and closing smoothly!  DE-CLUTTER!!  Especially counters.  Kitchen counters have a way of accumulating junk throughout the day, keep an eye on your counters and keep them clutter free.  Hide your sponges, scrub brushes, dish soap, and any other everyday item that might distract from the fantasy of living there!  Dust, wax…scrub toilets, wash windows, test and clean lights, put out fresh towels, hide family mementos, hide that mountainous pile of toys, remove prescription drugs from medicine cabinets and check for landmines from your furry one.  Finishing touches…put out some scented candles.  It is holiday time so, go with the season.  Add some seasonal treats and your on top of the game!

2. Take note (buyers)

You’ll most likely be touring several homes, keep notes.  Make a pros and cons list for each.  Create a personal checklist of must haves and will nots.  This prevents the features of a home from blending together and will allow you to compare more accurately and confidently.  Create some kind of rating scale…1-10 works well.  



3. Sell by season

Yes Spring is optimal for home selling, but it is definitely a year round sport.  Seasonal accents tend to encourage buyers to hang out longer.  Especially that plate of cookies!  Make your home inviting.  

Winter: Spotlight functional fireplaces. Near holidays, add touches like wreaths and pine-cone centerpieces. Display photos of your home a season ahead, particularly in winter, so buyers can see the house with greenery.

Spring: Fresh-cut flowers and candles bring spring scents indoors. For that new-start look, do extra spring cleaning and use brightly colored linens, spreads and pillows. Add little pops of color to the entry and landscape, visit the local garden center and get some accents for your porch as well.

Summer: Highlight patios and other outdoor areas. Swap dark towels and curtains for light colors. Put out a seasonal fruit basket, add flowers. Keep the house cool…but not cold.

Fall: Pumpkins are a must. Vases of seasonal foliage or tricolored corn inside. Use seasonal scents such as baked apple. Keep those leaves at bay.

4. Look closer! 

Buyers are always advised to scope out the neighborhood at varying hours, but …you can go deeper.  Here are some good and bad signs.

Bad signs: A major local employer is struggling or moving away; adjacent neighborhoods are progressively turning into rentals; are there a lot of for-sale homes? Are nearby commercial spaces vacant?

Good signs: Schools are in high demand and well-rated. Young families and artsy types are moving in. Older couples are staying put and nearby commercial properties are being redeveloped and leased quickly. For-sale homes are generating multiple offers.

5. ‘Big data' is everywhere

 Local knowledge and old-school networking are always valuable, but the latest technology offers much more. Some agencies offer "livability" ratings by ranking and contrasting neighborhoods by air quality, traffic choke points and specific data on a home's energy efficiency. In 2013, the National Association of Realtors introduced its Predictive Analytics group. Banks already use "big data" to gauge the worth of foreclosures and short sales, and mobile apps are now offering it for consumer and agent use. Ask your agent if they offer this and other useful technology such as high-definition aerial footage shot by drones. If your abode merits such a thing. 



6. Transparency is trust

 Buyers will enlist inspectors to go through your home.  This is a chance to offer trust.  Don’t hide anything.  Get your inspection done, make repairs and offer the buyer a copy of the inspection along with repair receipts, and explain if or how you've adjusted your price accordingly. Buyers will appreciate this honesty.



7. Don’t let your ego get in the way of good math Buyers often get caught up in the win-at-all-costs mentality while negotiating. They'll stubbornly hold onto that extra couple grand.  But, at an interest rate of 4.5%, the difference between $195,000 and $200,000 (assuming the 1.25% property tax and 15% down) is really only about 25$/month on a 30 year mortgage.  So, think logically and don’t let a measly 5 grand lock you out of the right house!



8. Retain mineral rights

 There are a lot of giant natural-gas fields in the U.S. and new ones now pending, so, homeowners should exercise "seller's market" clout to retain those mineral rights. It's always worth noting, provided the buyer doesn't protest. You can avoid that scenario by conveying those rights to a trustworthy relative or to an energy company buying them before you put your home on the market…"Mineral rights? Oh, so sorry, I no longer own them."





9. Buying? Then just chill for awhile

 Refrain from making big purchases like a new car, or opening new credit card or amassing big chunks of other new debt before buying a home. These things raise your debt-to-income ratio, which lenders examine to determine the mortgage amount you can afford. Also avoid moving large sums of money around, changing banks, changing jobs and becoming self-employed before buying a home. These things will give you headaches down the road.



10. The price is right

 Accurate home pricing from the outset will always help you! The number one reason: it sells homesSome agents advise sellers to overprice because inventory is low. Others say go below market to spur a bidding war… Don't get caught up in pricing games. Seriously. Activity in the first month of a listing is important.  Don’t waste this first month by pricing too high and scaring buyers away.  You also don’t want to start too low and risk losing money…simple answer…price right, from the start!  





This is where hiring the right agent comes in.  

Base your choice on the things:

Recommendations-use your friends and family.  They won’t steer you wrong.  Ask around.
Response time-this is key right.  You want to know your agent will get back to you promptly throughout the process…it’s not a good sign if they can’t do it for the first meeting.   
In-person interviews-Obviously!  Meet the agent, do you like them?  Do they feel trustworthy?!  You need to meet your agent.  
Track record-How have they done in the past?  Work with the best!

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