Right around this time each January, after we've settled down from the holiday's and cleared out the last of the pine needles from the Christmas Trees and are sitting in our homes wrapped in our down comforters trying to keep warm, we see the ad's in the magazine showcasing the beautiful beaches with crystal blue waters, gorgeous sand and incredible sunshine. It stops us in our tracks and we start thinking...why do we live in a climate that is freezing cold for at least 4 months of the year? Why not the greener, sandier pastures?

While it may not make much sense while you're shoveling your walk or snowblowing your driveway, but now is an excellent time to begin your searchfor a beachfront home that you can use throughout the summer, or rent it out to pay the mortgage and have a little extra on the side!  As a Buyer, you will have more choices, and more leverage in negotiations in the off-season, than any other time of year. And at this point, inventories are still great, so your options are plentiful.

The housing market in Southwest Florida has been red-hot for the past few years, but for this year's #1 spot, Sarasota, FL... it's downright blistering! Below are the TOP 10 HOTTEST WATERFRONT MARKETS FOR 2016 (and their Median List Prices):


  1. Sarasota, FL: $339,000
  2. Naples, FL: $479,000
  3. Myrtle Beach, SC: $168,950
  4. Delray Beach, FL: $248,950
  5. Vero Beach, FL: $309,000
  6. Miami Beach, FL: $569,000
  7. Jupiter, FL: $489,000
  8. Lake Worth, FL: $210,000
  9. Venice, FL: $265,000
  10. Palm Harbor, FL: $235,000



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