Looking for your dream home in the Suncoast? It is no surprise why! With amazing communities to choose from, stunning beaches and natural areas, and gorgeous weather year round, the Suncoast in Florida is the perfect place to settle down. Finding the perfect home can be an overwhelming process. You want to choose a home that will fit all of your family’s lifestyle and needs now and into the future. Follow these tips for finding your Suncoast Dream Home!

Prioritize your must haves!

There are all different kinds of homes available in the Suncoast. In order to help you navigate through all the options, you need to first determine what features are most important to you. Decide how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need. Prioritize what additional features and amenities that you must have or can live without. Are you looking for a beach front property or one in a quiet suburban neighborhood? Does your family want a pool? Determining all of these “must-haves” will help you narrow your home search. Be cognizant of what you desire in a home as well as what features are deal breakers. Always stay flexible with your expectations though! You might find your dream home has features that you were not expecting that you wanted!

Establish your price range.

Before you start actively searching for your home, it is advisable to secure Financing first. This allows you to know what you can actually afford. Once you know your real price range, you will avoid wasting time looking at homes that are outside of your budget.

Begin your search online.

The internet is a helpful tool in today’s real estate market. You are able to browse through home listings on your own time. This process can be overwhelming, though, as you try to navigate through all of the online pages. Our MLS Listings helps you narrow down your search by choosing unique options. Search by specific community, property type, school district, location, amenities, and so much more!

If you cannot find your dream home during your own search or simply do not have the time to look on your own, sign up for our Email Home Search! Once you select your search criteria, you will receive an initial email that lists all homes currently for sale that match it. Every morning thereafter you will be emailed an updated list with price changes or new listings. This allows you to be the first to know when the Suncoast home you’ve been waiting for hits the market!

Select a knowledgeable realtor.

Working with an Experienced Real Estate Team can make a huge difference when looking for your dream home. A knowledgeable realtor knows all about the Suncoast area, market trends, financing regulations, and more. They are experienced in handling the negotiations and paperwork that come along with the home buying process, eliminating potential stress and confusion for you every step of the way. We will listen to all of your desires for your Suncoast home and make sure to show you the homes that meet your expectations.  


Schedule Home Showings.

Now that you have narrowed down your search, ask your realtor to set up showings with each of the homes you are interested in. Home viewings are your opportunity to see the house itself as well as the neighborhood that it is located in. As you search the home, make sure to thoroughly inspect its exterior and interior and ask questions! You want to be fully informed in your decision. It can be helpful to bring a notepad to jot down anything you notice about the house to assist you as you continue the process. You are about to make a major investment so you want to make sure that you love the home and do not have any concerns about it.

Be patient.

Finding your dream home is a process. You might be lucky and find it immediately or you might have to search many homes before you finally find it. Work with your realtor throughout the process to help you along the way. We will keep searching for you until all of your needs are met. And once you find it! We will help you secure your Suncoast dream home for you and your family to enjoy for years to come!

Your dream home is waiting for you in the Suncoast! Follow these tips to help put the keys to your new home in your hand in no time. The Nick Flerlage Team will use our years of experience in the Suncoast area to help you find and Buy your dream home. Call us today at (941) 882-2229 or visit our website at http://www.experiencevenice.com/ so we can help you get started!