As we enter the season when many of our northern friends are returning for vacations or for their seasonal stay, many calls are coming into the office from people wanting to get their Venice homes on the market. If you are contemplating putting your Venice home on the market, presentation is key. Everyone wants to sell their home for top dollar and staging and preparation is essential to that success. First impressions in real estate are not only important....they are CRUCIAL...and just a few minor changes can mean the difference between success and failure on the market.


First of all, think like a buyer when going through your home. As hard as it may be, you have to disassociate yourself with your house and the items in it and think of it as any other product you'd be trying to sell. Then go room by room and let the staging begin.

De-personalize- This step is also very difficult but important. You'll need to take down the thing that have really made this house your home. Personal pictures, collections, political & religious items, etc. The house basically needs to be "neutral", you don't want to offend any potential buyer with anything that you many have in the home. Each of us has different opinions, religious & political affiliation.

Remove Clutter- We've said this before, and it'll be said again and again! Go room to room including the basment and garage and make sure it is free of clutter, and all garbage and debris. Rent a storage locker or POD if needed.

Clean & Organize- It should go without saying that a clean house is a necessity, but for some reason we still need to remind people. A clean house (white glove test clean) will

sell quicker and for more money than a house that is not up to snuff! So put some elbow grease into'll be worth it in the long run. And it has to be clean top to bottom! Here's a list:

  • Wash & wax your floors
  • Vacuum carpet daily, get steam cleaned right before putting on the market
  • Bleach all grout lines
  • Replace worn throw rugs
  • Replace or remove ragged towels
  • Empty all wastebaskets
  • Dust furniture daily
  • Dust light fixtures/fans daily
  • If appliances are included, make sure they are sparkling clean
  • Wash your windows, both inside and out
  • Use room deodorizers if you need too
  • Open windows to let in fresh air
  • Make sure your home smells good!! (Odors are one of the top reasons homes don't sell)
  • Make sure your dishes are stacked neatly in cupboards
  • Closet should be organized- even shoes (take out 1/2 of your clothes so racks look larger)
  • Fresh flowers on the kitchen or Dining Room tables are a great touch!
  • Organized Spice Drawers
  • Organized Bathroom Storage Drawers.


The last thing you need to do to be prepared to sell is to make minor repairs around your home. Here is a list of items to look for in each room and repair:

Patch any holes in the wall and then paint

  • Repair cracked tiles
  • Fix any doors that aren't closing properly.
  • Tighten any doorknobs that are loose.
  • Repaint rooms that have bright or off colors to a neutral color.
  • Replace burnt out light bulbs
  • Replace old throw rugs
  • Replace old & broken window screen.
  • Replace worn curtains, bedding, towels etc.

Now give your friendly Real Estate Team a call, we know of a good team you can call Smile and have them come over to list your home and get it on the market! Your Real Estate team will still walk through your home and give recommendations for staging your home to maximize each rooms assets and to make other recommendations, but you've given yourself a head start by following these simple quidelines!


We look forward to working with you to sell your Venice home!  Just let us know when you're ready!