There are several instances when it might be necessary for you to rent a storage unit. Whether you need a temporary place for your items as you move between houses or are heading back to your home state for this summer season, a storage unit can be a convenient solution for keeping your items organized and secure. Moving and packing is often stressful but through staying organized the process can be easier. Follow these helpful tips for maintaining your storage unit and easing access to your items.

DECLUTTTER AND ORGANIZE YOUR BELONGINGS FIRST. There are several things you can do before the packing process to make your storage more manageable. Go through the items in your home and determine what you need to keep and what you can get rid of. Donate or sell any items that you no longer need. There is no use in packing belongings that you won't want or use once you take the boxes back out of storage. For those items that you are saving, keep everything organized. Go through your closets and organize your clothing based on what you wear frequently and what you do not need for the current season. These initial steps will help eliminate some of the stress of the actual packing. 

GROUP BELONGINGS BY ROOM OR NEED. Once you have determined everything that needs to be stored, group the items based on what room they are used in or by how frequently you use them. This will allow you to know easily what each box contains. You can also set aside the boxes that you know you might need earlier or more frequently so when you do store everything you can determine their placement based on ease of access.

USE STURDY AND STACKABLE BOXES. Be sure to get moving boxes that are sturdy and stackable so that you can save space within your storage space. You also want to ensure that your packed items will not be damaged due to boxes that cannot hold much weight. 

PROTECT YOUR FRAGILE ITEMS. Along with getting sturdy boxes, use packaging material that will protect any fragile items. Use moving blankets for mirrors and frames that you want to protect. Wrap china and glass in bubble wrap and store together. Make sure to label these boxes and place them in a safe space within the storage unit. Do not place other boxes on top of them or put these boxes at the top of a tall stack that could be knocked over. 

MAP OUT YOUR STORAGE UNIT. Organize the boxes within your storage unit based on the priority of access for the items inside. For belongings that you know that you will have no use for until you move them back out, place these boxes in the back of the storage unit or on the bottom of stacks. Place any items that you might have need for in the near future towards the front of the storage unit so that you can access them at any time. Make a map of where you have placed each box within the unit for you to reference whenever you need to access something.