Humans are not the only residents of Venice and the Suncoast. We share our community with many marine animals, such as the magnificant Manatees! As we enjoy our beautiful coastal waters, it is important to follow best practices to ensure the safety of ourselves and these gentle creatures. Manatees mate year round and are often swimming in locations close to boaters and the shore, as captured earlier this week by Marine Patrol Officer Maszak in Sarasota Bay

Help protect Florida's manatees by following these guidelines when at sea:

Follow the Coast Guard's safe boating guidelines and pay attention to signs posted for slow-speed zones.

Wear adequate eyewear to ensure that you can see any manatees and other marine life in your boat's path.

Never feed manatees or other marine life.

Safely secure your trash and line when your boat is moving to avoid manatees and other marine life from becoming entangled. 

If you see manatees mating, which usually occurs in herds, maintain a distance of at least 100 feet to avoid disrupting their mating pattern.