Loggerhead sea turtles are one of the many amazing species of wildlife that call VENICE home.

These amazing reptiles live for over 50 years and can swim through water at speeds up to 15 mph (National Geographic)!! Although the most plentiful of all sea turtle species in Florida, Loggerhead populations have been declining in recent years. Thankfully, this summer, the Loggerhead nesting population has risen, despite its initially slow start. The nesting season for these turtles occurs annually between May 1st and October 31st. To help ensure a thriving population of these magnificent animals, there are easy ways to help when you are at the beach: 

  • Stay away from areas marked as nesting zones to prevent disrupting nests.
  • Avoid using bright lights on the beach and turn off or shield lights that a visible to the beach since the hatchlings use the dim natural light to find their way to the ocean.
  • Do not approach or touch any emerging hatchlings.
  • Keep the noise level down around nesting sites.
  • Keep the beach clean of trash and personal items.

For additional information on the nesting zones in VENICE and for ways that you can help protect the Loggerhead Sea Turtle population, Click Here!

One of the many reasons VENICE  is a great place to live is due to the beautiful beaches located right outside our front doors!!  We should protect the creatures that also call this remarkable place home and ensure that future generations can enjoy the natural beauty of our community!

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