Looking to relocate in 2017? Real estate website Trulia released their list of 2017’s 10 hottest real estate markets. They looked at several key factors to determine which communities are the best potential markets for this new year. The factors examined included positive job growth, affordability, low vacancy rates, and other determinants that home buyers look for when finding a great spot to settle down.



Our great state of Florida was the most represented state with 5 metropolitan areas making the cut. One of those areas is found in our very own Suncoast! Making it in the top 10 hot real estate markets was Sarasota-North Port-Bradenton!



It is no wonder why Sarasota-North Port-Bradenton were recognized as an amazing community for home buyers in 2017. Residents enjoy beautiful weather all year round with warm temperatures and abundant sunshine! This allows for ample time enjoying the stunning natural landscapes in the area. From beaches to state parks, there is always lots of things to do outside in Sarasota-North Port-Bradenton. There is also a strong community feel. Instead of being an area with seasonal residents, the majority of the population in these cities reside here all year round! These communities have a thriving art scene and numerous cultural attractions. Families enjoy excellent school systems that are dedicated to strong academics and extracurricular offerings for all their students. The presence of institutions of higher education and universities also create a strong community and offer many interesting things to do. Trulia also recognized that this area is on the track for strong economic growth. There are many small and medium companies offering diverse job opportunities for potential and current residents.



If you want to live in one of 2017's hottest real estate markets, look no further than Sarasota-North Port-Bradenton! The Flerlage Team is here to help you every step of the way! Give us a call today or visit our website at http://www.experiencevenice.com/.