If you have found yourself searching endlessly for your next home in we are here to help! Insider scoop can be a huge benefit when house hunting in Venice or its surrounding communities. Below are some great real estate tips to get you ahead of the game and in a new home!

LOOK FOR FOUNDATION FLAWS! It can be easy to be wowed by a home when at a showing, and many times buyers overlook creaky, cracked floors when they are staring at a beautiful updated kitchen. Be smart and hire a home inspector to get a detailed examination of the home, which will save you from costly expenses down the road.

BE STRATEGIC IN A HOT MARKET! It is incredibly tough to house hunt in a sellers market! Gain an advantage over the competition by writing a personal note to the seller, and ask your agent to get involved in social media to share your needs and get the scoop on properties from other agents.

GET THE INSIDE SCOOP! Sometimes you have to become a detective. Visit garage sales in your dream neighborhood and ask the homeowner questions while you shop, or simply start up a conversation with a neighbor out watering their lawn. Those conversations can go a long way!

PRICING PSYCHOLOGY! Ready to make an offer in a competitive market? Don’t leave a ‘5’ of ‘0’ at the end of a price. Go one number over ‘5’ or ‘0’ to be the highest bid by just a tad more.

BE LIKEABLE! When sellers are attached to their home, they will typically want to sell to someone they like. Personalize your seller letter by looking around the home for common interests with the seller. Also consider taking a photo of yourself in front of the home you are making an offer on. This allows the seller to visualize you in their home. These small connections can work wonders!

ALWAYS KEEP AN OPEN MIND! Just because someone older lived in the home, don’t rule it out. Seniors typically take much better care of their homes, and you can always remodel!

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