Like we need anymore clutter!  I know the feeling.  You've just had your washer repaired and as the washer tech is leaving, he hands you that annoying pink piece of carbon copy paper.  Your first urge, if you're anything like me, is to crumple it up into a ball, taking a moment to get in touch with your inner Kobe as you toss it into the trash bin...but let me explain why this is a really bad decision and why investing in a scanner or app on your phone is a really good decision!...doing so allows you to store this important information, clutter free and you can still get your Kobe on in the kitchen.  

Keeping a record of all Maintenance on you home allows you to:

1.  Know when to spend

You've repaired your washing machine 3 times already... it may be time to just buy a new one!  Keeping a record of all these repairs allows you to better weigh your options.  You don't want to keep throwing money away at an old machine... these records allow you to know with confidence when it's time to say goodbye.  

2.  Prepare to sell

Even if you don't plan on selling your Venice area Home, a lot changes over the years, and being ready to sell if you choose to do so, will eliminate a lot of headaches when the time comes. And when selling a home, you're sure to come across the particular Buyer who will demand to know exactly how old the washer is, (4 years, 5 months, 1 day, 13 hours and 22.3 minutes old).  Some Buyers are diligent and you want to be ready to answer their questions!  If you come to them with records of all repairs and maintenance done while you lived there, you will put their worried mind at ease.  It could be the difference between a sale and stale-mate.   

3. Fight the Insurance Company if need be...

Sometimes, we have to go the distance and do battle with our insurance companies.  The bottom line is that insurance companies are well known for NOT wanting to give away money.  It's their job.  Say your insurance company paid for a new roof after a tremendous storm.  Great! That’s why you have insurance.  But now imagine that same insurance company calls you a few months later, telling you they think they paid too much and would like some money back.  WHAT?! REALLY?!  I’m not kidding, it can happen.  If you’ve kept a record and receipts of this repair, you can engage them in a friendly conversatioin to prove your cost & why they should be paying that amount!  And more than likely, keep your money.

4. Budget! You know you should anyway

Repairs come with owning a house, it’s just the way it is.  Expect them.  Sometimes it's difficult to swallow, $100 here, $500 there…but there is a way to be ready for the hard times…Budget!  After a years worth of repairs, do some simple math and set up a maintenance budget.  You’ll want to start a little higher than expected, just to be safe, but year after year you will have more data and can budget more accurately.  Now, when something goes wrong, you are ready, you have the money and it won’t feel so crappy.  You can repair confidently without feeling like you are sacrificing something else.  

*Reference Trulia Blog