Sarasota has been named one of the best places in the country to live by U.S. News. The website ranked the 100 most populous metropolitan areas to find out which were the best of the best. Cities that were affordable, had a strong job market, and had a high quality of life made the grade. Each city was ranked based on five indexes, including desirability, quality of life, job market, value, and net migration. Each of these indexes was given a particular rate based on the importance to residents and homebuyers.  



With its stunning beaches, beautiful weather year round, and endless things to do, Sarasota was named the 21st best metropolitan area to live! Residents enjoy excellent dining and shopping opportunities. There are also many job opportunities in tourism, small businesses, and health care. This has helped lead to tremendous growth in the area. Sarasota offers a laid back life on the beach and all the amenities of larger metropolitan areas.



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