Make the most of your Open House Adventures with

T h e   E s s e n t i a l   O p e n   H o u s e   C h e c k l i s t:

You've decided to start looking for a home to're excited, and armed with the local listings page of the Open Houses in your area...ready, set...STOP!  There are a few important pointers you need before venturing out on your own to Open Houses. Here are some tips to help you out:

1. Ask Questions!  Ask every single question that pops into your head.  Use this as an opportunity to learn everything you can about the house, the neighborhood, the local schools, the food, nightlife, anything and everything.  Answers often prompt follow up questions.  It's like your third grade teacher used to say, "there are no stupid questions!", life experience has since taught us otherwise, but open houses are not the place to censor yourself, ask anything that comes to mind! Remember, if the person you're talking to is hesitant about any question you're asking...that could be a possible red flag. Make a note to yourself to do further research.

2. Impulse Control. Sine you're expending energy monitoring your questions, put it into a different sort of impulse control.  Look but don't touch.  NEVER EVER MAKE AN OFFER ON THE FIRST VISIT TO A HOME.  ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A FIRST TIME HOME BUYER. Even if you think you've found your dream home, you're not going to buy it that day.  You're going to want to shop around a little bit.

3. Your Declaration of Independence.  Tell the listing agent you're already working with a real estate agent (even if you are not).  Yes, you may have to tell a white lie, but never hire the sellers agent to represent you!  You need an unbiased advocate when negotion time comes around. 

4. Poker Face.  Don't reveal too much about yourself.  This may seem silly, but you don't want to tell your whole story to a seller.  You especially don't want to reveal your need to buy, your current situation or the top price you are willing to pay.  These things will be used against you.  Keep your interest under wraps.  Wait at least two blocks after driving away to call your agent.  If the seller sees how excited you are, they can use this as leverage.  

"Can't read my, can't read my, no he can't read my poker face..."  -Lady Gaga  

                                           This is your theme song for the day.

5. Judge This Book By It's Cover.  Pay close attention to the exterior.  How does the roof look? Will those shingles need to be replaced in a few years?  Is the paint fresh or chipping and dirty?  Are there alot of dead trees and bushes near by?  Is there Moss growing? What about the gutters?  The exterior is a good sign of what you'll find inside.  

6. From The Windows, To The Walls!  Listen to Lil' John and The Eastside Boyz.  How do the walls look? Pay attention to all four walls in every room you visit.  Any significant damage?  Dents? Cracks? Discoloration?  These can be signs of a bigger problem.  How are the windows? Old? Do they shut all the way? 

7. Be A House Paparazzo.  Take pictures!  and then take some more.  If your looking at multiple homes in one day they will start to blend together.  Gather brochures and information sheets to share with your agent and don't be shy, the camera on your phone isn't just for selfies. 

Remember, we are here to help in any way we can. Partnering with a Venice Real Estate professional who knows what to look for and how to negotiate on your behalf takes the fear and guess work out of the equation. Give us a call anytime- 941-882-2229.

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