The recently implemented SeeClickFix Venice Connect app and web portal is an awesome new way for Venice homeowners to report nonemergency problems and request improvements in their neighborhoods! The app will improve the efficiency of the city government in addressing residents’ issues. City crews will be notified far more quickly of the issue by having a customer service management system that can immediately upload all the necessary information. The app will also allow users to receive emails regarding the status on requests they submitted. The SeeClickFix Venice Connect app and web portal will be the means to contact the city about several quality of life issues, including traffic signals, roadside junk, potholes, and more.


The SeeClickFix Venice Connect app is incredibly easy to use, making it a more convenient method for residents in Venice to contact the city than the previous means of having to call various city departments. iPhone and Android users can download the app on their phones! It can also be accessed online at For reporting an issue, users can add photos, videos, and specific descriptions before clicking submit. By being able to submit all of this information, city crews will be able to better address the issue at hand. Sarasota County also uses the SeeClickFix Platform. Residents in Venice will now be able to submit city issues along with county issues all from the same app!



With a more efficient and accessible city government for its population, Venice continues to be a perfect place to call home!