The Real Estate market has impressed us over the last year, with home sales at record paces even at dramatic price increases, however some of these increases make it less easy to flip homes for profit.  The market has shifted a bit.  Now may be the time to buy homes for the long term; Investors looking for another rental property or first time homebuyers. Either way, there are key cities that provide for safe investments and North Port Florida has made Forbes' list of 20 Best Cities To Buy A Home/Invest in for 2015.  The kinds of cities that made the list, like North Port, are cities with a strong and steady job growth, cities where a lot of people are moving to.  The list was compiled after tracking the home prices and other economic factors of more than 300 market places.  After all was said and done, North Port came in at #14 and it's not hard to see why.  

North Port is a rapidly growing city, boasting large residential subdivisions and a great network of streets.  The population of North Port has been steadily increasing, at the rate of 4.1% (at the time of this research).  Which makes sense considering the job growth here has also been on the rise at 3.8% annually.  This has led to a shrinking unemployment rate, at 6.0%.  The really great news comes to area Home Owners! Not only have Home Prices increased above the national average (North Port homes increased at 9.5% this year), home values in this area are showing in double digits (from recent surveys). 

North Port is home to many nature enthusiasts, as it should be! It's own mission statement is to "enrich life experiences through recreation". Not a bad mission statement...especially if you're a family or individual who enjoys getting out and about in your spare time and enjoying the spectacular views and landscape that the beautiful town of North Port has to offer. From kayaks, canoes and paddleboats to hiking, sailing, outdoor yoga, biking and more! 

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