The local job market is a major determining factor when deciding what city to call home. A strong economic environment leads to stronger communities. Website WalletHub analyzed the current employment and economic environment in 130 Florida cities. The site looked at metrics which reflected the current job market and socioeconomic environment in each city and then weighted the individual scores for each town to determine their ratings. We are happy to report that Sarasota and VENICE ranked high on the list!

Sarasota ranked #1 out of the 130 cities as the best place to get a job in Florida! The city was recognized for its high number of job opportunities. It came in 9th overall for job market and 12th for socioeconomic environment. These high marks helped lead the city to edge out all the rest as the best city for employment in the state this year! Want to call Sarasota home? We would love to help you! Check out our Current Home Listings in Sarasota

Venice ranked #4 in socioeconomic environment! This was measured by many factors including median annual income, benefits, commute time, safety, and housing costs. From its vibrant downtown to its location on the beautiful shores of the Gulf of Mexico, Venice is a thriving Florida community. Let us help you find your dream home. Check out our Current Home Listings in Venice.

Congrats to Sarasota and Venice for their recognition as cities within Florida that are providing their residents with great employment and economic opportunities!