The old saying never judge a book by its cover does not apply to the exterior of your home when you are trying to attract potential buyers. First thing house hunters see when arriving at a listing is the exterior of the house and the landscaping. Landscaping not only helps increase a home’s value but contributes to first impression for buyers. In a survey conducted by the National Association of Landscape Professionals, 84% of Americans said that landscaping plays a determining factor in their decision to buy a house.

How to help improve your landscape and make a lasting impression? Follow these 4 simple tips:

Make it Welcoming. The landscaping should make buyers feel invited and excited to walk to walk into the property.

Maintain its Beauty. It is important to keep your lawn and landscaping well maintained. Trim bushes and trees to avoid overgrowth. Always maintain flower beds and other ornamental features. Make sure everything looks orderly, neat, and well-tended.

Follow the norms of your neighborhood. Keep up with the Joneses. Although you might want to be creative with your landscaping choices, stay within similar landscaping norms of your neighbors. Even if your yard is well maintained, if it looks out of place from the other surrounding houses, it has thepotential to look ill kept.

Promote Energy Efficiency. Homeowners want to save time and money when it comes to maintaining their home. Energy efficiency both indoors and outdoors is attractive to potential buyers. Create a beautiful landscape with low water and drought resistant grass and plants.


Finally, do your research before making any changes to your home’s landscaping. Contact multiple local landscaping firms to find someone that can help fulfill your vision. It is also beneficial to contact an appraiser to learn how the upgrades will affect your property value. An update in the landscaping of your home can have a positive impact on the amount of money you get for your home. For more helpful hints when selling your property, read our other Seller Tips