You're trying to get your Venice home on the market while the market is still hot and sizzling....who's going to notice if there are a few minor repairs that still need to be done? Umm....the new potential home owners, and definitely the home inspector! 

While we understand your urgency in trying to get your home on the market, this being the prime selling season for Venice, but ignoring those "minor repairs" could end up biting you in the behind in the end. For many buyers, especially First-time home buyers, having these repairs show up during a home inspection causes extra anxiety and stress and could potentially kill the sale of your home.  Even if you are willing to lower the selling price to provide for the needed repairs, you don't know that the buyer is going to want to deal with having to have those repairs done.  Most buyers want to close on a home and move in....that's it.  Bottom line make those repairs BEFORE putting your home on the market and save yourself, and any potential buyers, the headache on the back end of a potential sale!

These are the Home Repairs that need your Immediate Attention:

  1. INTERIOR WATER DAMAGE Make sure you have no water damage in your home. None around sinks, bath tubs (especially jets on Jet Tubs as there seems to be a big problem with them as of late) and shower units. Make sure everything is sealed properly and recaulk to show a nice new layer around the unit.
  2. FOGGED WINDOWS Fogged windows happen when the seal is broken between double paned windows. This makes the windows "whistle" with air that is coming through and the "fog" is trapped moisture. Although you can try to have the windows professionally cleaned, resealed & rehung, your best bet is to have the windows replaced.
  3. EXTERIOR WATER DAMAGE Replace any rotten wood or boards from the homes body or trim and always put on a fresh coat of paint if possible. Also inspect your homes porch, hard rails and decks for the same type of damage and replacement need.
  4. HVAC  This is another area that is a MUST in Venice! Sometimes it is as simple as changing your air filters and wiping down any dust or rust that has accumulated over time. However, if you are having problems with your HVAC system it needs to be resolved, and if need be- replaced, prior to be put on the market. 
  5. PLUMBING  If you have toilets or faucets that do not work properly it is a must that these are fixed prior to being put on the market. ALL potential buyers are going to turn faucets on and off and flush the toilet to check water pressure...and to see how your plumbing is working overall in the home. If they find that you are having issues, it will kill a sale very quickly. Buyers do not want to deal with big issues like plumbing!


The last one is an easy one...MAKE SURE YOU HAVE LIGHT BULBS IN ALL THE LIGHT SOCKETS! That may sound like a given, but it doesn't always happen Laughing

If you really want to get your Venice home on the market, and get it SOLD, then get it prepped the right way.  We are here to assist in any way we can, so give us a call!

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