The must have home features are constantly changing from year to year, I mean, 40 years ago it was all about yellows, oranges and browns-and Shag carpets were all the rage, thankfully, we've evolved.  Knowing what's hot in the market can help you decide what features to highlight when listing your home, ultimately helping you sell your home faster and for top dollar!  




Fire Place

Sure, we live in Florida, but fireplaces are no less popular here than elsewhere.  Nights get cool, and when they do, there is nothing better than snuggling up to a warm crackling fire.  This is why it was the number one mentioned feature in listings in 2015.  Many are changing to gas…it’s easier to clean and there are an infinite number of modern designs, but somehow nothing beats the charm of a wood burning fireplace, are making a comeback!


Wood Flooring

Wood flooring has never gone out of style.  It is always desirable and 2015 was no different.  Good wood floors are classic.  On the other hand, carpeting seems to bounce back and fourth on the desirability scale.  Carpeting made a small comeback, but in 2015 the clear winner was wood, which came in two percentage points ahead of carpeting on the desirability scale.  

Granite Countertops

These used to be considered a rare luxury, however, granite has become more affordable and is now almost the gold standard for good kitchen design. It popularity has shot up in the charts, especially over the past 5 years.  Granite countertops were mentioned in 13% of all listings this year.  

Stainless-Steel Appliances

Obviously!  I don’t know what else to say.  Stainless Steel looks great.  It always looks contemporary and can fit into almost any kitchen design.  This is another one that has shot to fame in the past 5 years.  Stainless Steel was mentioned in 9% of all listings this year, which is double the mention of last year. 

Open Floor Plan

 mentioned in 8% of listings these are amazing.  Some of my favorite home designs feature open floor plans.  These create a generous sense of spaciousness and light and have become more and more popular, surpassing traditional living and dining rooms in 2014 and now is the 5th most popular home feature.  Open kitchens are also gaining mass popularity.


Walk In Closets

These were another rare luxury.  However, now seem like necessities.  No one likes tearing through a cramped closet with broken hangers everywhere and a mountainous pile of clean wrinkled clothes on the floor.  So, it’s no wonder that 7% of all home listings mention walk in closets.  

Chef’s Kitchen and Open Kitchen

Kitchens used to be a place of all business; never enough counter space, always cramped… PRIMITIVE!  Now, thanks in part to the Food Network, everyone wants a kitchen fit for a famous Chef, and yeah, we get it, and you’ll see some familiar features. A large open floor plan, a center island, Granite countertops, stainless steel stove, with oven hood, and again, most importantly SPACE.  The kitchen is no longer just for cooking.  The kitchen has become a place to hang out, drink wine, and visit while you cook your meal.  Open kitchens were mentioned in 5.7% of all listings.  5 of the top home features are related in someway to the kitchen!

Garden Tubs

No, this is not a place to bathe in your garden.  This term refers to wider, deeper tubs.  They usually have steps…but no jets.  Less cost than a jacuzzi, but a great overall soaking experience.  


Vinyl Siding

This used to be one of the most popular choices.  It’s affordable, long lasting and essentially maintenance free.  However, attitudes have changed…drastically.  Now, people almost scoff at vinyl siding.  Consider a fiber cement siding instead.

Oak and Cherry Cabinets

These looked great when Will Smith moved to Bel Air, Oak cabinets were all the rage in the 90’s…but like the shag carpeting, these have slipped into the past.  Now, it’s all about Maple cabinets!    

We do things the Right Way, For Every Client, Every Time.  Part of this is presenting your home in the best way possible.  We beleive knowledge is power, especially when it comes to knowing what people are looking for in a home, as this information will help you sell your home quicker.  

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