It’s time for everyone to learn a little bit about our beloved Florida animal!

Venice Magazine recently posted an article about the Manatee and we wanted to share some of our favorite facts with you about these endangered species which are native to Florida:

 - NICKNAMES: sea cows and mermaids

 - FAVORITE SNACKS: seagrass and other underwater plants.


 - Can GROW to nearly 12 feet long and more than 1,200 lbs!

- NOT VERY AGILE so have trouble avoiding speedboats (main reason for becoming endangered).

- NEED WARM WATER. Red tide and cold winters can put them into shock or kill them.

- CAN LIVE TO BE 30 YEARS OLD in the wild (and sometimes even up to 50)!

- Mommy Manatees are PREGNANT FOR ONE YEAR.

- They have find with five distinct fingers, and THEY HAVE FINGERNAILS.

- Manatees STICK TO THE SHORELINE, but some have been found to travel as far as Belize and the Bahamas!


Manatee populations have stabilized in recent years and will hopefully be upgraded from endangered to “threatened” soon, so please help this cause and remember to keep an eye out for manatees when you are on your boat, and always remember to mind no-wake zones along the Intracoastal.

To read the entire article click here.