Venice Florida is the perfect example of city evolution, especially it’s downtown.  Three decades ago, nearly every shop owner downtown would close in the early evening hours and a calm quiet would descend over our sleepy, seaside town.   Now, it’s common to here Jazz music flowing smoothly into the night, as well as the lively sounds of residents, well... enjoying life!  There’s no doubt the city has grown, and continues to evolve as a cultural epicenter, however, the goal has always been to evolve carefully while maintaining the small town charm that Venice FL has always been known for, and we’ve been successfully able to do just that.  

City planners are expecting to welcome 6,000 new homes to North Venice, and the shop owners and residents here want all our newcomers to feel welcome, and encourage those moving here to enjoy historic downtown with the multi-generational Floridians and Returning Snowbirds!  The shops, the nightlife and the nearby beaches offer something for everyone.

Carpe Noctum

There's a great contradiction between Venice's reputation as a retirement community and the late-night liveliness on the street at night. The music and bustle of nightlife begs you to join in the shenanigans.  Crowds on outdoor patios for evenings of music, cocktails, dancing and dining. Daiquiri Deck, which opened two years ago is known for their frozen beverages and late night bar tabs; remaining open well past midnight! Then there's Sharky's on the Pier and Fins by Sharky's that deliver amazing meals with a gorgeous backdrop of the Gulf of Mexico for ambiance....and so many more unbelievable choices for great food and hours of fun!!

Around 57 percent of people in Venice FL are older than 65, according to the 2010 U.S. Census, but you wouldn’t know this by looking at the crowds in the restaurants, who don't seem to act or look that age. Maybe it’s because people who retire in Florida stay younger… atlas that’s how Sandy Wilson, Owner of Sunbug (a local shop) feels.  Venice Main Street, a nonprofit whose goal is to ensure the area's livelihood while preserving its history, is owed a lot of credit for Venice’s evolution, and they’ve done their job.  Downtown Real Estate is at about 97% capacity, with little turnover.  This means that a lot of people are coming downtown to shop, dine, and live a little.  

Day Trip

The vibrant variety of downtown combined with the nearby beach culture, make it the perfect spot for a day trip.  Venice Main Street (that non-profit we mentioned) has recently focused its marketing on the off-season, hoping to entice Tampa, Orlando and Fort Myers travelers, who will not be disappointed by our Beach Mecca....WE PROMISE!

With all the growth and excitement downtown, National Retailers continue to move into Venice.  Which isn’t necessarily bad.  It does speak to the health of our business community, but we need to remind residents and visitors about the benefits of supporting local shops!  Their way more fun to shop at anyway!  Shoppers can meet the faces behind the business instead of just trading cash with the clerk.  It’s more personal and quite  refreshing actually.  

Many of the local shops are active in the community, and shop owners like Sandy Wilson, host events at their stores; fashion shows and various demonstrations to encourage people to explore downtown a bit more.  Many shops are trying to fight the cliche image of a small beach town, where shops are known to be full of cheap souvenirs and t-shirts.  This is definitely not Venice, which is part of the reason businesses have been so successful here.   

The downtown district is home to a dozen boutiques, wine experts, coffee houses, a stationary store, an eyewear shop, salons, a home store and a variety of gourmet and fun restaurants. While the overwhelming dining theme is Italian, I mean, it’s Venice! The area also has great  spots for sushi, barbecue and seafood. 

Walk The Walk 

We do!  A lot of the cities in the area don’t necessarily have a “downtown”.  What do we mean by that?  Well, we think a downtown should be walkable…right?!  We have multiple avenues that can be walked, biked, skipped, whatever your preferred mode of transportation, in a half hour!  The perfect stroll time.  If you prefer to bike...we have just the place for you!  Florida Bike and Beach! They will even come to you and deliver the Bike that fits your need best, plus they have all the beach essentials too!  You can find them at (and we happen to know they have a brand new website coming soon!) or 941-412-1411

The whole charm of Venice is that you can spend the day on the water, sun bathing, collecting shells and shark teeth and then spend the afternoon shopping and walking the aves, then, finish it off by enjoying Venice’s unique nightlife.  

What else could you want in a downtown?!  We can’t think of anything. 

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