We have many excellent restaurants and bars which serve up some tasty libations...however Venice Magazine has named these particular venue's as having the BEST DRINKS in Venice, FL! Do you agree? 

Beach Road Wine Bar and Bistro 

 1350 Beach Road, Englewood, (941) 474-9500.

A Brilliant selection of 70 outstanding wines and craft beers, but their wine based cocktails and a creative food menu are what people remember!  The White Sangria is a customer favorite and probably unlike any Sangria you’ve ever had, made with White Zinfandel, Ginger Ale, Oranges, Lemons and Prosecco!  Super refreshing and easy to drink, so you should definitely order the pitcher and kick back on the deck overlooking the perfect waters of Lemon Bay.  


1975 Beach Road, Englewood; (941) 460-8280.

Who wants to grow up anyway?  This one is for the inner kid in all of us.  Flounders has cracked the secret recipe of the Creamsicle, added some Vodka and turned it into a tasty beverage for adults.  Sound like the perfect combination? It is! Made from a freshly squeezed orange and Smirnoff’s whipped cream vodka, the bartenders then top it off with a splash of Triple Sec and Sprite.  Sip on the Creamsicle Crush at the Tiki Bar and start your evening off right!  If you’re hungry, they have great pub grub and there is usually live music.  Sounds like they’ve earned their slogan, “The place to be on Mansota Key”! 

The Crow’s Nest

1968 Tarpon Center Drive, Venice, (941) 484-9551.

The Crow’s Nest is known for shaking things up!  AND we don’t mind!  In fact we prefer it that way.  Their Ginberry Martini is to die for!  Made of fresh muddled strawberries, Hendricks gin, cucumber-infused organic crop vodka and a dash of St. Germain elderflower liqueur, it’s unlike any Martini you’ve had, and will quickly be one of your favorites…but grab one quick, they are constantly changing their cocktail list, which is another reason we love them! 

Vino Loco Gourmet 

420 W. Dearborn St., Englewood, (941) 473-8466.

If wine is your thing, Vino Loco is the place to be.  Boasting a wine bar of 300+ global varieties, and complimenting them with exquisite Tapas and perfectly combined artisanal cheeses.  Vino is especially known for it’s Penuchi Vermouth, a Spanish Vermouth, hand crafted from fortified wines, plants, herbs, and roots.  A Vino Loco classic; the perfect compliment to your Tapas, which change weekly. 


British Open Pub 

 367 Jacaranda Blvd., Venice, (941) 492-9227.

Two words: Pub Punch!  The history of punch stems from the British and early American Colonists, though the Irish have their own version too!  The punch at British Open uses the early American tradition, a little sweet, a bit spicy and of course, strong!  They make it with four fruit juices, vodka, rum, coconut rum, spices and a splash of Sprite.  Tasty and fun!  

 Blue Lagoon Restaurant

2000 Oyster Creek Drive, Englewood, (941) 475-1030

Anyone whose ever been to the Blue Lagoon knows its impossible to be crabby while there.  WHY? Well because of the Crabby Mary!  Yes, a Bloody Mary and Appetizer in one!  A filling beverage, but definitely the best way to start brunch.  Served in a tall glass and garnished with a fried, soft shell crab (with olives for eyes) and two cocktail shrimp!  Beneath the crab is your delicious sea of Bloody Mary!  


Mango Bistro

301 W. Dearborn St., Englewood, (941) 681-3500

Want to instantly transport yourself to the French Riviera?  Head to Mango Bistro, close your eyes and sip on the Ice Tropez! A sparkling wine cocktail created in Saint Tropez and sipped on by the hip class ever since!  A sophisticated mix of rose wine, fizzy water and peach juice.  Sit back and freshen yourself while listening to live world music!  


Café Venice Restaurant and Wine Bar

116 W. Venice Ave., Venice, (941) 484-1855.

Lemon Basil Martini!  It barely needs a description, you know you want it!  A mix of Deep Eddy’s Lemon Vodka (gluten free FYI), homemade basil syrup, a freshly squeezed lemon wedge and basil leaf, served up (obviously) in a martini glass with Basil sugar rim. 

Fins At Sharky's

1600 Harbor Drive, Venice, (941) 999-FINS

 Florida is known for the best Key Lime pies in the world!... well how about a liquid Key Lime pie with a little Florida Buzz? Fin's Key Lime Martini is refreshing, strong and tastes just like Key Lime Pie!


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