Ok, so Forbes recently came out with a list that has everyone in Florida (especially Northport) excited.  

Forbes teamed up with North Carolina-based data company Local Market Monitor in order to answer this one question: Where should real estate investors put their money in 2016? After the numbers were crunched, it was pretty clear to see who the winner was...We dominated the list! 7 of the Top 20 Housing Markets To Invest In, in 2016, are in FLORIDA!!! 

 According to Forbes, Florida offers good values "where investors get the best bang for their housing buck, and where aspiring homeowners have the best prospects of making an economically sound purchase." Yeah, we know this!  Now everyone else does too!

Orlando came in at 2nd place, followed by six other cities in the Sunshine State, including #12 Northport.

Of those, average home prices were highest in #19 West Palm Beach at $285,000 and lowest in #14 Tampa at $193,000. Though it's worth noting that these averages have been accelerating consistently at a rate of 9-14% in ALL FLORIDA cities.  #12 Northport came in between those two, with $245,010.  With Northport's population growing at 5.6% and Annual Job growth of 2.8%, more people need homes in the area and many more are looking to upgrade, combine that with the recently stabilized economy, and Real Estate Investors have the perfect recipe to make some money, especially considering the estimate for three year home price growth is 27%.  So, in just three short years you could be making some serious ROI.

What does this mean for Home Buyers...well, if you're considering a move to Florida, now is the time to do it.  Prices are expected to climb steadily over the next three years.  AND if you are selling your home, there will be no shortage of buyers for the foreseeable future!  All good news.  Whether you're looking to Buy or Sell, Now is clearly the time.  Call the Nick Flerlage Team and let us help you into your Florida Dream Home.  Check out our Featured Properties for more information on some of the great communities and homes in Florida! 

Forbes full list of The Top 20 Cities For Real Estate Investors 2016:

1. Grand Rapids

2. Orlando, Florida

3. San Antonio, Texas

4. Charlotte, North Carolina

5. Salt Lake City

6. Dallas

7. Austin, Texas

8. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

9. Seattle

10. Cape Coral, Florida

11. Indianapolis

12. North Port, Florida

13. Nashville, Tennessee

14. Tampa, Florida

15. Charleston, South Carolina

16. Denver, Colorado

17. Madison, Wisconsin

18. Jacksonville, Florida

19. West Palm Beach, Florida

20. Boise, Idaho