Decorating your home is part of the fun of home ownership!! You have complete freedom over the decor you use in your home and you want it to reflect your's and your family's personality. Your home has great bones. Now its time to make each room shine. Interior design is very subjective but there are some mistakes you want to avoid! Try to create harmonious room design and have a welcoming feel for all of your guests. Here's a list of mistakes to avoid when you begin decorating your beautiful Venice, FL



You Avoid the Functionality of the Room. Your needs in your home are constantly changing. Whether you are adding more family members, starting to work from home, planning to host gatherings, or more, you can plan the design of rooms to accomodate the last minute changes. By planning for different chapters in your life, you will experience less stress by feeling like you constantly have to redesign the room or alter its use.

You Didn't Test Your Paint Colors. Color can do so much to change the design of a room. It's a great way to add a splash of color, do something bold, or add sophistication. Make sure to always test your paint color first, though, with a swatch. This allows you to see how the color looks in the room's lighting as well as ensure that it is exactly as you envisioned.


There is Inadequate Lighting. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of room design. Think about the placement of lights as well as the quality and color. You also need to think about how the light will change within the room at different times of the day or during different seasons. Each room should include natural lighting, overhead lighting, and ambient lighting, allowing you to add many layers of light within the room and adjust the mood.


You Forget about Scale and Proportion. It is incredibly important to examine the scale and proportion of everything when decorating your home. Always consider how the size of a piece of furniture or accessory relates to everything else within the room as well as to the size of the room as a whole. Be cognizant of your overall plan for the room and how items will work together.

You Brought Poor Quality Furniture. You never want to overspend on a single piece of furniture but you also don't want to buy cheap pieces. Try to budget so you can buy furniture that will last you a long time. Make your home look its best by investing in furniture made with high quality wood and well-made upholstery.

Your Furniture is Pushed Against the Walls. Pushing all the furniture against the wall can make a room appear smaller and disrupts the flow of people throughout the room. Create conversation areas by arranging furniture together towards the interior of the room.

You Matched EVERYTHING! Avoid buying furniture sets that coordinate. Add a unique feel to your home by mixing pieces together. Find a common color accents or unifying factor to help bring everything together.


You Ignore the Focal Point of the Room. Determine a single focal point for the room. Draw the eye to a particular point with a fireplace, artwork, or piece of furniture. You do not want them to carry the entire design of the room but use them to add interesting elements to the room.


There are TOO Many Accessories. No one wants clutter in their home. Do not overaccessorize. After you have completed the painting, lighting, and furniture design in the room, use accessories and art to create a harmonious composition.


You went Overboard with a Theme. Choosing a particular theme for a room is a great way to focus your design and add some personality to your home. Just don't go overboard. You want it to be personal and fun without looking overdone.


Resource: Sarasota Herald-Tribune