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North Port: 2nd Safest City in Florida!

by Nick and Beth Flerlage

White, sandy beaches, endless entertainment attractions, perfect year round weather, and stunning recreational facilities are not the only things drawing home buyers to Florida. Another is the state’s commitment to safety, especially in its larger cities.


Home security website SafeHome recently analyzed safety throughout the state and ranked communities based on the data. When the results came back…...NORTH PORT was named the 2nd Safest City in Florida!!


To find their rankings, SafeHome examined 54 cities within the state with a population of at least 50K. Each community was given a Safety Score, which was calculated based on data from the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program and the U.S. Census.


North Port received a Safety Score of 85.53! Along with being the 2nd safest city in the state, it ranked within the Top 25th Percentile of Safest Communities in the entire United States!!


Are you ready to call North Port home? Check out the Current Homes for Sale! Give the Flerlage Real Estate Group a call today to make your dreams a reality!

Back to School in the Suncoast!

by Nick and Beth Flerlage


The first day of school is fast approaching throughout the Suncoast! School buses will be loaded, backpacks filled with supplies, and the first bell ringing through the halls. Check out the dates for the first day of school at our area school districts.


Charlotte County Public Schools | 1960 Landings Boulevard, Sarasota


First Day of School: Thursday, August 10th

2017 - 2018 District Calendar  

Sarasota County Schools | 1960 Landings Boulevard, Sarasota

First Day of School: Monday, August 14th

2017 - 2018 District Calendar


The Flerlage Real Estate Group hopes all the students in the Suncoast have a successful and fun 2017-2018 school year!!!


Both Charlotte County Public Schools and Sarasota County Schools are top rated districts in the state. They are both dedicated to academic excellence and offering a wide variety of extracurricular activities. If you are interested in Buying your dream home within one of these school districts, Search Homes for Sale. Give the Flerlage Team a call today or visit our website at!



Health and Happiness Found in North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton Residents!

by Nick and Beth Flerlage


With strong senses of community, endless outdoor recreational amenities, a thriving local economy, and more, cities throughout the Suncoast promote the well-being of their residents. In fact, North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton has been named the 6th best metropolitan area for well-being in the entire country, according to a report released by Gallup-Healthways!



In order to determine the overall well-being of communities throughout the United States, Gallup polled 354,473 adults over the telephone in 2015 and 2016. The Well-Being index was calculated based on a 0 to 100 scale. The were 5 key elements of well-being that were examined, including Purpose (happiness with what one does in their daily lives and sense of motivation to achieve goals), Social (happiness with personal relationships), Financial (happiness and security with economic situation), Community (happiness in the city where they live and sense of safety), and Physical (ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle).



North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton was ranked 6th overall for residents’ well-being. The area’s well-being index score was 65.2! The community also ranked in the top for each of the key factors: 14th for Purpose rank, 4th for Social rank, 1st for Financial rank, 12th for Community rank, and 14th for Physical rank!



If you are interested in moving to the Suncoast, give the Nick Flerlage Team a call today or visit our website at





Suncoast Named as one of 2017's Hot Real Estate Markets!

by Nick and Beth Flerlage


Looking to relocate in 2017? Real estate website Trulia released their list of 2017’s 10 hottest real estate markets. They looked at several key factors to determine which communities are the best potential markets for this new year. The factors examined included positive job growth, affordability, low vacancy rates, and other determinants that home buyers look for when finding a great spot to settle down.



Our great state of Florida was the most represented state with 5 metropolitan areas making the cut. One of those areas is found in our very own Suncoast! Making it in the top 10 hot real estate markets was Sarasota-North Port-Bradenton!



It is no wonder why Sarasota-North Port-Bradenton were recognized as an amazing community for home buyers in 2017. Residents enjoy beautiful weather all year round with warm temperatures and abundant sunshine! This allows for ample time enjoying the stunning natural landscapes in the area. From beaches to state parks, there is always lots of things to do outside in Sarasota-North Port-Bradenton. There is also a strong community feel. Instead of being an area with seasonal residents, the majority of the population in these cities reside here all year round! These communities have a thriving art scene and numerous cultural attractions. Families enjoy excellent school systems that are dedicated to strong academics and extracurricular offerings for all their students. The presence of institutions of higher education and universities also create a strong community and offer many interesting things to do. Trulia also recognized that this area is on the track for strong economic growth. There are many small and medium companies offering diverse job opportunities for potential and current residents.



If you want to live in one of 2017's hottest real estate markets, look no further than Sarasota-North Port-Bradenton! The Flerlage Team is here to help you every step of the way! Give us a call today or visit our website at




North Port, FL....a Lovely place to live!

by Nick and Beth Flerlage


Looking for the perfect community in the Suncoast to call home? Look no further than NORTH PORT, Florida. This thriving community of 60,380 offers beautiful weather, stunning natural environments, excellent schools, and all the amenities necessary to live a great life. The community is growing and has seen a significant amount of new housing development in recent years, offering families more housing options throughout the city. Residents in North Port enjoy easy access to metropolitan areas such as Tampa and Fort Myers as well as the beautiful nearby beaches in the gulf through an excellent transportation network. There is always plenty to do in North Port. From recreational facilities and arts and culture organizations to dining, retail, and entertainment options and fun annual community events, one can never be bored when living in this great Florida community.



Residents living in North Port like to take full advantage of the gorgeous Florida weather year round at the great parks and recreation facilities located in town. The North Port Parks and Recreation Department maintains 26 facilities. This includes 10 neighborhood parks, 3 sporting facilities, 7 community parks and activity centers, and more. With all of the incredible parks in town, North Port has been named a Playful City USA for 7 consecutive years, making it a perfect place for families to spend quality time being active outdoors. There are other natural features located in North Port that make it a beautiful city to call home. North Port is the site of Warm Mineral Springs, a natural resource of 9 million gallons of fresh water that contains the highest mineral content of all the natural springs in the country. The spring has also been designated as a U.S. National Register Historic Place. Located just north of town is Myakka River State Park. This incredible state park offers plenty of opportunities to explore, whether with hiking, wildlife viewing, boating, or fishing.  


Education is a priority for the residents in North Port. Students in the city are educated in Sarasota County Schools. This excellent school district has received an A rating every year. It is known for its high academic performance by its students and for its innovative practices in the classroom. It has also been nationally recognized for its arts education programming. Sarasota County Schools operates 5 public elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and a high school located right within the city limits of North Port.


Come discover why North Port is such a lovely place to live!



Check out our current Homes for Sale in North Port. If you are interested in Buying a home in this great community, give the Nick Flerlage Team a call today or visit our website at


It's the Annual Gamble Plantation Festival this Weekend!



The Gamble Plantation, an antebellum mansion once home to Major Robert Gamble and headquarters of an extensive sugar plantation- the last surviving plantation in South Florida, is now a Florida State Park that see's thousands of visitor's annually. It's long been believed that the Confederate Secretary of State, Mr. Judah P. Benjamin, made the Gamble mansion his hide-out until he could make his way safely to England. 

In 1925 the house and 16 acres were saved by the United Daughters of the Confederacy and donated to the state of Florida. Today, the mansion proudly stands in all it's glory. Totally refurbished and furnished in the mid-19th century plantation style. 

This weekend, the Gamble Plantation Historic State Park throws it's ANNUAL PLANTATION FESTIVAL! This fabulous, quinnticential gathering brings together a host of arts & crafts vendors, a school art competition, great food and drink...along with free tours of this fabulous home!  It's a terrific way to learn a little more of the history of the early settlement and times of Manatee County!

To learn more about the Gamble Plantation and the Annual Plantation Festival you can visit their website at: Gamble Plantation

For more exciting upcoming events and festivals in Venice FL and the Suncoast communities visit our Blog, Facebook and Google+ page

The Real Estate market has impressed us over the last year, with home sales at record paces even at dramatic price increases, however some of these increases make it less easy to flip homes for profit.  The market has shifted a bit.  Now may be the time to buy homes for the long term; Investors looking for another rental property or first time homebuyers. Either way, there are key cities that provide for safe investments and North Port Florida has made Forbes' list of 20 Best Cities To Buy A Home/Invest in for 2015.  The kinds of cities that made the list, like North Port, are cities with a strong and steady job growth, cities where a lot of people are moving to.  The list was compiled after tracking the home prices and other economic factors of more than 300 market places.  After all was said and done, North Port came in at #14 and it's not hard to see why.  

North Port is a rapidly growing city, boasting large residential subdivisions and a great network of streets.  The population of North Port has been steadily increasing, at the rate of 4.1% (at the time of this research).  Which makes sense considering the job growth here has also been on the rise at 3.8% annually.  This has led to a shrinking unemployment rate, at 6.0%.  The really great news comes to area Home Owners! Not only have Home Prices increased above the national average (North Port homes increased at 9.5% this year), home values in this area are showing in double digits (from recent surveys). 

North Port is home to many nature enthusiasts, as it should be! It's own mission statement is to "enrich life experiences through recreation". Not a bad mission statement...especially if you're a family or individual who enjoys getting out and about in your spare time and enjoying the spectacular views and landscape that the beautiful town of North Port has to offer. From kayaks, canoes and paddleboats to hiking, sailing, outdoor yoga, biking and more! 

Check out our local North Port Listings and see all the benefits of living in one of the Top 20 Towns! 

Want to see the full list?  Check out Forbes Best Buy Cities 2015

Venice FL New Construction Is Booming


There’s been a little anxiety recently about where exactly the real estate market is heading, but growth here in Sarasota County Florida is at a record pace, and in some ways exceeding the numbers of the building boom prior to the Great Recession.  There has been a huge increase in building permits for new construction and renovations both in the private and commercial sectors, which is a great indicator of what the current market is like. The cites of Venice Florida and North Port Florida are both adding staff to handle such an increase of permits, which are set to exceed more than the 5,000 permits which were issued in 2014. 

North Port has already issued 4,500 permits this year, including remodels, new homes, and commercial projects.  The city projections for single family homes were for 300, already there have been 440 of these permits this year and the fiscal period ends in October.  There is still a lot of room for growth, at 104 miles, North Port is only a quarter built out. 

Permits are also on the rise in the City of Sarasota, and Unicorporated Sarasota, as well as in the town of Longoboat Key.  6,000 new houses have been approved to be built in the northeast sector, including 1,700 homes in Tuscana Isles and over 700 in the Village of Milano.   Along with this building boom, property values are expected to appreciate 9.36% above last year.  It will be the third consecutive year of growth and the biggest increase since 2008.  

City Manager Jonathan Lewis noted last week in the State Of The City Address that

“North Port’s preliminary saw more than $72 million in new construction added to our tax roll.” 

So, it is clear that the market is booming and is right where it was pre-recession, with Mortgage standards still loosening, buying now is the best decision you could make as a homebuyer.  

We are so excited about the new developments in the area, some of which have already broken ground and are in the building process while others are just getting started!  Either way, there are incredible opportunities.  So check out the new homes and buy before MORTGAGE RATES start to skyrocket back to the rates of old!  Here is a direct link right to the New Construction on the Suncoast:  New Developments

Take a peak at some of these phenomenal new projects.  If you're interested in any of these ground breaking opportunities...give us a call today!  We're here to help you...LIVE THE PARADISE LIFE!

If you've been considering selling a home in the Venice FL area....NOW is truly YOUR TIME TO DO IT!  There hasn't been a SELLERS MARKET like this since 2008. Don't let it slip by. Give us a call today and we'll help you get your home ready to be put on the market so that you can make top dollar in the least amount of time possible! We are EXPERTS in the's what we do best.

Give the Nick Flerlage Team a call today at 941-882-2229.

5 Facts of the Spring Home Buying Season.












Five Key Things To Know About The 2015 Spring Home Buying Season:

1. The months of April, May, and June typically account for 40% of all home sales for the year.

Let's review-

* Home prices are going up

* Wages aren’t keeping pace

* The housing supply is tight, driving prices up even faster!

* Lately as many as 40% of homes have sold at or above listing price!!

Some in the real estate industry say that the market has finally normalized after the recession. However, if you are a First-Time Home Buyer or a lower end buyer, this is hardly the case!  Which brings us to #2 on our list:

2. A large Inventory Shortage.

If you work in any facet of the real estate industry this isn't "new news", but what might surprise you is the fact that at the end of April, combining both existing homes for sale AND New Construction home starts, we were still severely below historic inventory levels. We're talking  4.8 months of inventory...and 6 months is considered the low or balanced margin for a stable market. However, NAR is still predicting that 2015 will be the best year of existing home sales and new home construction starts, since 2007, with a projected 5.24 million, or about 6.1% above 2014.  The problem still is getting inventory on the market. This is where the "equity rich" homeowners ( 20% or higher) will come into play. The thought or expectation is that they will use the equity to move-up into a larger home, therefore putting existing homes onto the market, as well as projected $1.14 million in new construction home starts. Combined they should give the added boost to curb inventory concerns.

3. Prices are on the Rise!

Inventory constraints and high Buyer Demand have caused prices to start their climb. Historically, prices have risen about 1% per year. Per the latest data given by NAR, single family homes have increased on average 4.1% year over year (accounting for inflation). It's better than the double digit price increases in 2013, but still faster than inflation. Still, in many markets, homes are selling at or above list price. It is also creating many bidding war situations for Home Owners, giving the Sellers a true, Seller's Market. It's important for anyone considering selling their home that A recent survey by the National Association of Realtors indicated that in April, about 40% of homes, on a national basis, sold at or above asking price. Similarly, RealtyTrac recently found that in April 41% of homes sold at or above their estimated market value. Bottom line: Price gains are NOT going to go away, in fact, they are predicted to rise to 6.7% for the year. If you're a Home Seller....SELL NOW!  If you're looking at Buying a Home...Don't wait, prices are only going to go higher. Buy while they are still on the low side and while MORTGAGE RATES are still at near historic lows.

4. Financing eases, but mortgage rates may rise. 

Six months to a year ago it was still very difficult to get financing, but now credit availability is at its highest level since housing took it's downturn- according to the latest information from the Mortgage Bankers Mortgage Credit Availability report. Banks and mortgage companies are not only easing requirements, they are also offering more types of loans to augment sources of financing.  However, Freddie Mac is predicting increases in the interest rates that have remained at historic lows for months! This past work alone, rates rose to the highest yet in 2015 to 3.87% for a conventional 30 year fixed rate loan, and they're only going to go higher.

5. Lower-priced homes are moving fast!

If you are a First Time Home Buyer or a Buyer looking at the lower end home pricing, this market is going to be particularly hard. Homes in the lower price points are going faster than the higher price points.....50% more! Best advice we can give someone shopping in the lower price points is this:

1- Be ready to give a competitive offer for a house you really want to buy. This isn't a time to try negotiating. Know what you want, and be ready to get it.

2- Make sure you have all your paperwork, documents, preapproval in place so that you can move fast to a closing without anything standing in the way. Sellers will look much more favorably on your offer if you don't have any contingencies attached to it and are ready to close quickly.


*SELLERS, just because there are slim pickings in the market right now doesn't mean you are in the driver's seat entirely.  The current buyers are a picky bunch, especially in the post recession time we find ourselves.  So, if you want to capitalize on the current market, you can't forget the little things, you need to thoroughly prepare your home for this market  You need to make your home something worth fighting for; the tips below are simple ways you can make your home stand out from the rest. 

Suncoast Mecca Venice FL: You Want To Be Here!

by Bloggerhead

Population in South Florida has been booming for a long time and shows no signs of slowing down, with more than 800 new people moving here every day. For instance, population in places like North Port have grown 140.44% since 2000.  Making the list of the top 20 fastest growing metro areas This year.  Just last year, South Florida drove the state's population growth to nearly 20 million residents; helping Florida surpass New York as the nation's third-largest state and now trails only California and Texas in population.  This steady population boom has helped push home costs up as well.  The median home cost in North Port is $127,600, an appreciation of 14.20% compared to last year.  However, the cost of living remains 8.30% lower than the US average.  There are other upsides to steady economic growth; job growth has increased 5.19% shrinking the unemployment rate is 5.7% while the US average is 6.3%.  Our North Port public schools spend $13,014 per student, while the National average is $12,435 and there is no shortage of teachers here either, with the average of 17.3 students per teacher!  It's not just stats like this that is drawing people to South Florida, it's also the bustling nightilfe, exciting downtowns, entertainment, beautiful weather, and quality of life.  Young Professionals and Retirees alike are finding places like North Port and Venice to be the sanctuary they've always been looking for.  It's true, nothing beats the convenience of Florida Urban living.  South Florida really seems like best place to live on earth.  Check out the report from ABC7 My Suncoast: New Census Numbers



448 Arborview Lane, Venice FL



For more information on 448 Arborview Lane, Venice FL,

 or to see other stunning homes for sale in Venice, Visit 

and see what the Flerlage Team can do for you.





One of the most desirable locations on the beautiful Island of Venice.  Conveniently Located within Walking and/or Biking Distance of Historic Downtown Venice, the Saturday Morning Farmer's Market, Venice Jetty(Popular for Fishing, Wildlife Watching, and Magnificent Sunsets), Beautiful Beaches, Restaurants, Venice Yacht Club, Shopping, and the Island's Many Parks. Enjoy "Sneak a Peek" Water Views While Relaxing in Your bonus Room. 

For more information on 821 LAGUNA DRIVE VENICE, Florida 34285-1206,

 or to see other homes for sale in Sarasota County, Visit Homes for Sale in Sarasota County

and see what the Flerlage Team can do for you.


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