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7 Ways to Add Elegance When Selling Your Home!

by Nick and Beth Flerlage

Help your Suncoast home stand out from the crowd by adding elegant touches throughout your home! A more expensive looking home will increase buyer interest and help you get a higher price! Here are 7 tips to make your home look more elegant and expensive when selling!


1. Choose an elegant paint color. Painting is your first step to prepare your home to sell. It can instantly make your home look fresh and clean. Choose neutral colors that will appeal to a wide variety of home buyers. Add some elegance by adding colors with a slight sheen to them.

2. Declutter. Clean and declutter all rooms in your house. Once they are decluttered, you can choose a single focal point for each room to highlight the space and unique architectural features.

3. Remember Small Details. Fixtures can easily date a room. Update light, plumbing, and other fixtures throughout your home to add some instant style.

4. Invest in Kitchen Appliances. The kitchen is often one of the most important rooms for homebuyers. Make it a major selling point in your home by purchasing stainless steal or brightly colored appliances that are often found in higher end homes.

5. Update Window Treatments. Replace all dated window treatments. Choose neutral or bold colors and avoid patterns. Focus on drapes, blinds, or Japanese shades for elegance. Make sure that your treatments let in the maximum amount of light.

6. Add Crown Molding. Classic details like crown molding can add elegance to your home.

7. Purchase a new Garage Door. Curb appeal is vitally important when you sell your home. Your garage door takes up a large portion of the outside of your home. Although this is a more costly upgrade, it does offer a good return on investment and adds elegance to the outside of your home. Invest in new garage doors




Interested in Selling your Suncoast home? Give the Flerlage Real Estate Group a call today!

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How do you decorate for the holidays when Selling your Venice Home?

by Nick and Beth Flerlage



December might not be the most popular time of year for home buying, but as a seller, you can use that to your advantage! Buyers in the winter are motivated to be settled in a new home before the new year. Put potential buyers in a festive spirit by adding some seasonal decor to your home. Just make sure that you decorations help make your home look stylish and inviting. Follow these decorating tips for selling your Venice home this holiday season!


Clean and Stage Your Home. As is the first step whenever you are selling your home, you need to do a thorough cleaning of your home. Once the home has been cleaned, stage every room as you normally would.


Declutter. Remove all non-essential items. Depersonalize your home by storing personal photographs and collectibles. Make sure that countertops are cleared off. Only keep furniture in the rooms that help make them look their best. You want home buyers to be able to picture themselves in your home.


Be Mindful of Your Palette. Use decorations that match your home’s current decor. Pick items that complement the paint colors you already have in order to avoid any clashing. Use rich tones with earth colors or soothing colors with blue tones.

Less Is More. Avoid filling your home with too many decorations. This can distract potential buyers. Instead focus on ways to accent your home’s best features with your holiday decor.


Trim the Tree Thoughtfully. Although personalized ornaments are part of the fun of Christmas, wait until you are celebrating in your new home to use them. Instead, use a cohesive theme on your tree. Also, be mindful of the size of your tree. Make sure that it does not overwhelm the space.


Keep It Neutral. Remember that people celebrate different holidays during the season. Try to avoid overtly religious decorations to avoid putting off some buyers. Focus more on neutral, seasonal decor.


Make It Cozy. Create a warm atmosphere in your home with festive scents. You can also add subtle decorations such as pinecones and evergreen wreaths. A glowing fireplace also helps make your home extra cozy.


Accentuate the Exterior. Use simple string lights to draw attention to the outside architecture of your home or to the landscaping. Make sure to keep it simple outside. Avoid using over the top light displays and decorations this year to maintain beautiful curb appeal.



If you are interested in Selling your home this December, give us a call today or visit our website at



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Preparing your Venice Home for Sale!

by Nick and Beth Flerlage




Sell Your Venice FL Home In Record Time This Spring


So, you're looking to sell your Venice FL home this spring, good call!  Expect a large pent up buyer demand. 

This Spring is expected to be even busier for home sellers due to the large amount of people trying to buy before interest rates and home prices make their expected spike.  

BUT, even though demand will be high and competition fierce, buyers will still insist on good deals. Even in seller's markets, where supply can't meet demand, overpriced homes are still at a, PRICE RIGHT! 

There could be many competing offers, which is good, you want people competing for your home, but the homes that are priced too high, aren't seeing any action at all.  So, price right and let the fight begin!  

Remember, the same rules still apply:  The three things that sell homes, no matter what season are: LOCATION, PRICE AND CONDITION. 

If even one of these is out of line, chances are your home won't sell.  However, you can always compensate for things like location and condition with a better price... lean on your realtor for advice.  After all, that's why you're working with them right. 

6 Tips To Help Sell Your Home This Spring:

1) Curb Appeal

It’s not uncommon for buyers to decide within 60 seconds of seeing a home whether they’ll consider buying it or not. So, obviously first impressions are Important.  

It’s not hard to add a little curb appeal.  Simple things like trimming trees and bushes and pressure-washing the driveway, walkway, house and patio can do a lot for appearances. You should also spruce up that front door a bit.  Clean it… Repaint it maybe.  Buyers will linger here for a moment while the Realtor opens the door, so make it look nice.  Don’t neglect the windows either.  Clean both the inside and outside of the windows so they sparkle in that spring sun.

Go one step further:  It’s spring, so things are in full bloom, add some colorful flowers to the porch or garden.  This is a simple effective way to add charm to your home before the potential buy even enters.   Though, you’ll want to lay down any mulch days in advance so that weird mulchy smell isn’t lingering.

2) Eliminate Clutter 

Eliminate Clutter!  This is absolutely essential.  Go through all of your furniture and closets…just go through everything in your home with a discerning eye, eliminate any and all unnecessary clutter and then… do it again! 

Ladies…and gentlemen, if you have 17 sweaters, it may be time to donate.  You need to make your closets look as big as possible.  If you absolutely must keep them all, then pack them away into storage, OFF SITE!  You want your whole home to have as much space as possible.  Even storage in the basement should be eliminated.  Buy a pod, or ask a good friend or family member to hang on to some things.  This is huge! 

Go one step further: You should also pay special attention to any dark corners of your home.  Definitely eliminate clutter here.  You can even paint them lighter color and then add a small l light to reflect off the walls to give the impression they are not as dark and cramped as they appear.

3) Eliminate Pet Odor

 If you have a pet, you’ll want to clean the carpets and open the windows to air out the house. Chances are you are immune from the smell, it has become normal to you, but new buyers will definitely notice a difference.  Don’t forget to clean the drapes, or if you have to, get rid of them completely.  

4) Pre-Home Inspection Repairs

If you expect a home inspector to find something wrong with your home, anything, big or small, FIX IT! 

If you haven't maintained your home very well over the years, you may want to hire your own home inspector before you put your home on the market.  This way you can make the necessary repairs before you try to sell it. It’s worth noting that It usually costs less to fix things before a home inspection.

Go one Step Further: Bring in an electrician to make sure the electrical panel is up to date, and a plumber to do the same.  You DO NOT want any surprises.  

Most sellers will know if something is broken anyway.  You won’t be able to hide anything, so just make the repairs, there’s no sense in waiting for a buyer to request it.  Buyers could end up asking you to spend $300 on what should really only cost $100.  Do yourself the favor!

5) Price Right

Even though prices are rising in a lot of markets, sellers need to be reasonable and knowledgable; compare your home to similar properties that have recently sold.*Your Realtor can help!

Buyers today are are pretty keen. If you price too low, they'll think something is wrong, but If you price too high and then have to lower, it will hurt you. You can avoid all this by just pricing it right the first time around.  This will attract motivated buyers!  The more buyers you attract, the better, and if you’re lucky, your home could become the center of a bidding war amongst interested parties. Something that would definitely not happen if your home is priced too high or too low.   

Overpriced homes that stay on the market for 90 to 120 days are extremely difficult to sell, and we don’t use the word extremely or difficult lightly, they really are very hard to sell.  So, don’t let this happen to you. 

There is another danger of overpricing: Appraisers will be cautious and may not value your home as high as the sales price… even if you do find a buyer willing to pay that much.  You definitely don’t want this headache!  

6) Make The Internet Work For You

The majority of buyers today, start their home search online. So, if you want to sell a home this Spring, hire a Realtor who will maximize your online presence.  You want to make sure your Realtor will use professional photos, video, and vibrant descriptions of your home, that will entice buyers from the internet.  A lot of buyers are using mobile phones and tablets to search for homes too, so you’ll want to be sure that your Realtor can use marketing materials that are easy to navigate on these devices as well.  We call it responsive design, which is basically means a website is easy to navigate  and looks beautiful not matter what device it is being viewed on.  Ask your realtor about it.  

Go One Step Further: Sure your Realtor will be blasting your home out with all of their resources, but you should too.  Use social media; Facebook, Instagram, whatever your preferred medium is, to market your home yourself!  Consider putting it in an Employee newsletter or any other material at the office, all of this will help sell your home...FAST!  

If you'd like more information on how to optimize your Venice FL home for the Spring market and sell for top dollar, give The Flerlage Team a call, we'd love to help you sell your home in record time this Spring! 


by Nick and Beth Flerlage

The must have home features are constantly changing from year to year, I mean, 40 years ago it was all about yellows, oranges and browns-and Shag carpets were all the rage, thankfully, we've evolved.  Knowing what's hot in the market can help you decide what features to highlight when listing your home, ultimately helping you sell your home faster and for top dollar!  




Fire Place

Sure, we live in Florida, but fireplaces are no less popular here than elsewhere.  Nights get cool, and when they do, there is nothing better than snuggling up to a warm crackling fire.  This is why it was the number one mentioned feature in listings in 2015.  Many are changing to gas…it’s easier to clean and there are an infinite number of modern designs, but somehow nothing beats the charm of a wood burning fireplace, are making a comeback!


Wood Flooring

Wood flooring has never gone out of style.  It is always desirable and 2015 was no different.  Good wood floors are classic.  On the other hand, carpeting seems to bounce back and fourth on the desirability scale.  Carpeting made a small comeback, but in 2015 the clear winner was wood, which came in two percentage points ahead of carpeting on the desirability scale.  

Granite Countertops

These used to be considered a rare luxury, however, granite has become more affordable and is now almost the gold standard for good kitchen design. It popularity has shot up in the charts, especially over the past 5 years.  Granite countertops were mentioned in 13% of all listings this year.  

Stainless-Steel Appliances

Obviously!  I don’t know what else to say.  Stainless Steel looks great.  It always looks contemporary and can fit into almost any kitchen design.  This is another one that has shot to fame in the past 5 years.  Stainless Steel was mentioned in 9% of all listings this year, which is double the mention of last year. 

Open Floor Plan

 mentioned in 8% of listings these are amazing.  Some of my favorite home designs feature open floor plans.  These create a generous sense of spaciousness and light and have become more and more popular, surpassing traditional living and dining rooms in 2014 and now is the 5th most popular home feature.  Open kitchens are also gaining mass popularity.


Walk In Closets

These were another rare luxury.  However, now seem like necessities.  No one likes tearing through a cramped closet with broken hangers everywhere and a mountainous pile of clean wrinkled clothes on the floor.  So, it’s no wonder that 7% of all home listings mention walk in closets.  

Chef’s Kitchen and Open Kitchen

Kitchens used to be a place of all business; never enough counter space, always cramped… PRIMITIVE!  Now, thanks in part to the Food Network, everyone wants a kitchen fit for a famous Chef, and yeah, we get it, and you’ll see some familiar features. A large open floor plan, a center island, Granite countertops, stainless steel stove, with oven hood, and again, most importantly SPACE.  The kitchen is no longer just for cooking.  The kitchen has become a place to hang out, drink wine, and visit while you cook your meal.  Open kitchens were mentioned in 5.7% of all listings.  5 of the top home features are related in someway to the kitchen!

Garden Tubs

No, this is not a place to bathe in your garden.  This term refers to wider, deeper tubs.  They usually have steps…but no jets.  Less cost than a jacuzzi, but a great overall soaking experience.  


Vinyl Siding

This used to be one of the most popular choices.  It’s affordable, long lasting and essentially maintenance free.  However, attitudes have changed…drastically.  Now, people almost scoff at vinyl siding.  Consider a fiber cement siding instead.

Oak and Cherry Cabinets

These looked great when Will Smith moved to Bel Air, Oak cabinets were all the rage in the 90’s…but like the shag carpeting, these have slipped into the past.  Now, it’s all about Maple cabinets!    

We do things the Right Way, For Every Client, Every Time.  Part of this is presenting your home in the best way possible.  We beleive knowledge is power, especially when it comes to knowing what people are looking for in a home, as this information will help you sell your home quicker.  

Selling a home in Venice? Call The Nick Flerlage Team at 941.882.2229  We'd be happy to give you more information like this and help you sell your home in record time!

Staying Organized During the Venice FL Fall Sports Season!

by Bloggerhead

ORGANIZATION! A word that haunts many homeowners, especially active families; when football cleats, hockey sticks, and various balls of shapes and sizes start invading your living room, But family and organization don't have to be contradictions. Here are some simple home organization tips to help stay organized during your child's season. The key here is variety and adaptability. All of these storage tips can be easily modified, allowing you to adapt to your child's growing needs.


Maybe the easiest way to stay organized in places like your garage, and still making it easy for the kids to grab balls or equipment in a hurry when they're late for practice is this phenomenal Bungee Storage system! A Super easy & simple DIY project, but a great garage organizer too!


One of the keys to an organized garage is shelving! Lots and lots of shelving. So, nothing beats a great cubbie system. You can make it even more convenient by using various sized cubbies; storing balls, bikes, helmets, bags, anything your little heart desires!


This little guy is a life saver for all the hockey moms out there. If you have a hockey player living in your home, you know that you'd rather keep that stuff outside, due to the stench it will leave in your home for days after every practice & game. What's worse, is that if equipment doesn't dry completely, bacteria will grow on your child's pads, making them smell worse and lead to rashes and other health risks. Not to worry, the problem has been solved. Invest in a rack drying system! If you're a really crafty parent, these can easily be made cheaply with some PVC and some ingenuity. Here's a guide to a DYI Drying Rack.


The thing about child athletes is...they grow and so do their interests. After a few seasons, you almost have enough equipment to open your own used sports store. The answer to this is simple, a peg board! It can constantly adapt to your child's growing arsenal of balls and equipment and coincidentally it's another easy DIY project. DIY Pegboard.


For equipment used most frequently this Rollable Storage Bin is the perfect solution. It allows you to organize equipment by sport (soccer, tennis, baseball, etc.) and because it is on wheels, you can move it whenever necessary. The Container Store has a few great options.

Hopefully this list helps lower the stresses of a busy fall sports season, allowing you to put all your effort into cheering on your little athlete!

For more Home Improvement & Organizational tips checkout my Facebook Page & my website. If you're interested in Real Estate in the Venice FL area, please give us a call! We'd be happy to show you around our fantastic community or meet you and answer any questions you may have. 

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