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7 Ways to Add Elegance When Selling Your Home!

by Nick and Beth Flerlage

Help your Suncoast home stand out from the crowd by adding elegant touches throughout your home! A more expensive looking home will increase buyer interest and help you get a higher price! Here are 7 tips to make your home look more elegant and expensive when selling!


1. Choose an elegant paint color. Painting is your first step to prepare your home to sell. It can instantly make your home look fresh and clean. Choose neutral colors that will appeal to a wide variety of home buyers. Add some elegance by adding colors with a slight sheen to them.

2. Declutter. Clean and declutter all rooms in your house. Once they are decluttered, you can choose a single focal point for each room to highlight the space and unique architectural features.

3. Remember Small Details. Fixtures can easily date a room. Update light, plumbing, and other fixtures throughout your home to add some instant style.

4. Invest in Kitchen Appliances. The kitchen is often one of the most important rooms for homebuyers. Make it a major selling point in your home by purchasing stainless steal or brightly colored appliances that are often found in higher end homes.

5. Update Window Treatments. Replace all dated window treatments. Choose neutral or bold colors and avoid patterns. Focus on drapes, blinds, or Japanese shades for elegance. Make sure that your treatments let in the maximum amount of light.

6. Add Crown Molding. Classic details like crown molding can add elegance to your home.

7. Purchase a new Garage Door. Curb appeal is vitally important when you sell your home. Your garage door takes up a large portion of the outside of your home. Although this is a more costly upgrade, it does offer a good return on investment and adds elegance to the outside of your home. Invest in new garage doors




Interested in Selling your Suncoast home? Give the Flerlage Real Estate Group a call today!

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How do you decorate for the holidays when Selling your Venice Home?

by Nick and Beth Flerlage



December might not be the most popular time of year for home buying, but as a seller, you can use that to your advantage! Buyers in the winter are motivated to be settled in a new home before the new year. Put potential buyers in a festive spirit by adding some seasonal decor to your home. Just make sure that you decorations help make your home look stylish and inviting. Follow these decorating tips for selling your Venice home this holiday season!


Clean and Stage Your Home. As is the first step whenever you are selling your home, you need to do a thorough cleaning of your home. Once the home has been cleaned, stage every room as you normally would.


Declutter. Remove all non-essential items. Depersonalize your home by storing personal photographs and collectibles. Make sure that countertops are cleared off. Only keep furniture in the rooms that help make them look their best. You want home buyers to be able to picture themselves in your home.


Be Mindful of Your Palette. Use decorations that match your home’s current decor. Pick items that complement the paint colors you already have in order to avoid any clashing. Use rich tones with earth colors or soothing colors with blue tones.

Less Is More. Avoid filling your home with too many decorations. This can distract potential buyers. Instead focus on ways to accent your home’s best features with your holiday decor.


Trim the Tree Thoughtfully. Although personalized ornaments are part of the fun of Christmas, wait until you are celebrating in your new home to use them. Instead, use a cohesive theme on your tree. Also, be mindful of the size of your tree. Make sure that it does not overwhelm the space.


Keep It Neutral. Remember that people celebrate different holidays during the season. Try to avoid overtly religious decorations to avoid putting off some buyers. Focus more on neutral, seasonal decor.


Make It Cozy. Create a warm atmosphere in your home with festive scents. You can also add subtle decorations such as pinecones and evergreen wreaths. A glowing fireplace also helps make your home extra cozy.


Accentuate the Exterior. Use simple string lights to draw attention to the outside architecture of your home or to the landscaping. Make sure to keep it simple outside. Avoid using over the top light displays and decorations this year to maintain beautiful curb appeal.



If you are interested in Selling your home this December, give us a call today or visit our website at



Resource: HGTV

Preparing your Venice Home for Sale!

by Nick and Beth Flerlage




You've made the big're going to put your home on the market! BRAVO! It's a fantastic time to take advantage of the incredible Venice housing market. Now you have a few key decisions to make; what do I need to fix and what do I negotiate in the sale of the home, before actually finding the BEST Real Estate Agent/Team to list my home?

First of all, it's very easy to miss the everday wear and tear that a home takes over the years, so don't think you're alone at having to do some work on the cleaning and repairs before putting your home on the market. You're going to want to walk through your home with a critical by room...with a notepad, taking down detailed notes from floor to ceiling.  We also would recommend finding that "awesome Real Estate Team" on the front end. Simply because a great Real Estate Team is extremely helpful in guiding you through this process and knowing what are the critical elements that need to be upgraded or repaired, and what may just need to be negotiated later. After all, we all have a budget we must stay within so having a trained eye as a partner is a huge plus at the START of this process!

Keep in mind, the repairs or upgrades we are going to suggest here WILL put money in your pocket at the close of the sale of your home!  Here are the Top 7 Most Important Repairs to Make Before Selling Your Suncoast Home:

A Fresh Coat of Paint- This is by far one of the cheapest and easiest ways to update, refresh and even change the look of your home or room, before you sell...and you don't even have to hire a professional! Just remember a few basics;  choose lighter, neutral tones so that your new buyer can make the home their own, it's not important to paint every room- just the ones that really need it. Lastly, if you do have wallpaper in your home- REMOVE it! You may love how it looks, but do your new homeowners a favor and give them a clean slate to create their own look.

The Kitchen- You've heard it a hundred times..."The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home". It's true in many ways. Most people are looking for the 'ideal' kitchen- spacious counter space with lots of cabinets and state-of-the-art appliances. If you don't have all of this, don't fret, most of us don't. But don't go for a major kitchen overhaul either! A few tweaks here and there can make major differences. For instance; swap out your hardware on your cabinets. Paint outdated cabinets, put in new faucets or fixtures. If you have a little money to spend, put in granite countertops. And by all means make sure you have cleared your counters completely before you ever show your home!

Bathrooms- The throne, that's right. It's still a major draw and will always be. So what can be done here? Deep cleaning for starters! Scrub that grout, make sure tubs, sinks and toilets look brand new! Then check for leaky faucets and replace if necessary. This is one room that lighting is critical. If lighting is dull, replace immediately. Have a little extra cash? Again, go for a good counter top- granite or even marble are a great choice for the bath!  Side Note- When staging your bathroom, try using white or light neutral colored towels. It reminds people of a spa and looks crisp and clean.

Nail Holes & Spackling- We know it sounds like common sense but it really does bear need to go room by room and fill your nail holes, cracks, etc. Spackle, sand and paint. Every room should look like it is brand new. A potential buyer should not walk into a room and think "wow...we've got a lot of work to do in here!" If that happens, you're sales price goes down.

Adequate Lighting- When showing your home you want each room to show like a 'showroom'. However, poor lighting can often sabatoge a home's potential sale. Make sure that each room has adequate lighting so potential buyers can see what each room has to offer. This should include the natural lighting each room invites as well. Since it's summertime, make sure your window dressings are appropriate for the season. If you have a heavy drape, ditch them for a cotton one or just a blind for the season. Make sure your closets have adequate lighting too!

Hardwood Floors- So many of our homes have gorgeous hardwood floors today. These can be a blessing or a curse depending on where you live, if you have pets, children, high traffic areas and more. If you have hardwood and they are looking very distressed, it's definitely in your best interest to get those floors refinished...or at the very least buffed and polished. Nothing looks better than entering a home and seeing gleaming hardwood floors!  That is a CLOSER right then and there! 

Functional Appliances- Lastly, go through your home and make sure all your appliances are working properly and you have all your warranties pulled together for your realtor. Nothing is more embarrassing...or shows a lack of maintenance of the home to your potential buyer, as when appliances or any item around the home is NOT in working order.

For more helpful Home Selling Tips give the Nick Flerlage Team a call at 941-882-2229 or visit our website at

Landscaping Tips to Attract Potential Buyers!


The old saying never judge a book by its cover does not apply to the exterior of your home when you are trying to attract potential buyers. First thing house hunters see when arriving at a listing is the exterior of the house and the landscaping. Landscaping not only helps increase a home’s value but contributes to first impression for buyers. In a survey conducted by the National Association of Landscape Professionals, 84% of Americans said that landscaping plays a determining factor in their decision to buy a house.

How to help improve your landscape and make a lasting impression? Follow these 4 simple tips:

Make it Welcoming. The landscaping should make buyers feel invited and excited to walk to walk into the property.

Maintain its Beauty. It is important to keep your lawn and landscaping well maintained. Trim bushes and trees to avoid overgrowth. Always maintain flower beds and other ornamental features. Make sure everything looks orderly, neat, and well-tended.

Follow the norms of your neighborhood. Keep up with the Joneses. Although you might want to be creative with your landscaping choices, stay within similar landscaping norms of your neighbors. Even if your yard is well maintained, if it looks out of place from the other surrounding houses, it has thepotential to look ill kept.

Promote Energy Efficiency. Homeowners want to save time and money when it comes to maintaining their home. Energy efficiency both indoors and outdoors is attractive to potential buyers. Create a beautiful landscape with low water and drought resistant grass and plants.


Finally, do your research before making any changes to your home’s landscaping. Contact multiple local landscaping firms to find someone that can help fulfill your vision. It is also beneficial to contact an appraiser to learn how the upgrades will affect your property value. An update in the landscaping of your home can have a positive impact on the amount of money you get for your home. For more helpful hints when selling your property, read our other Seller Tips

Venice FL Top 3 Style Preferences of Home Buyers!


Venice Florida Home Owners if you're looking to "Freshen-up Your Decor" and get your homes on the market, take note of the Style Preferences below! In a recent promotion taken of prospective Home Buyers by Realtor dot com, buyers were asked to vote for their favorite type of decor as part of their “Get This Look” promotion. The styles below won overwhelmingly over any other home styles. 

The following is a breakdown of the TOP 3 STYLE PREFERENCES of BUYERS:

Good-Bye Hollywood's Spectacular looking but "don't touch" decor! Follow these tips for an easier to sell home!

INVITING: This is described as a welcoming atmosphere that includes fun barware, plenty of seating, and a gather-worthy kitchen that can serve as the LIFE OF THE PARTY!

RUSTIC: This look is for those who prefer natural elements: wood, stone, water and light. This design style usually incorporates organic materials from the outside/ inside for a perfect balance.

BEACHSIDE CHARM: This design has a relaxed and casual feel, often incorporating terra cotta tile, patio umbrellas, sundecks, and scattered shells.

Meanwhile, the design styles least favored in the survey: Regal (a design that uses fine fabrics and antiques), Urban, eclectic Mid-Century Modern, and Earthy.

Happy decorating...Look for more tips to come here on our Blog and on our Facebook Page!

If you'd like more information about homes for sale in the Venice Florida area, please give our team a call at 941-882-2229 or visit our website at

Resource: Realtor Mag.

Items that can't be Moved by Your Venice FL Moving Company!


It's Moving Day, you've waited for this day for awhile and it's finally here! It's early morning and you're armed with your Moving List, breakfast is ready for the family and everything in the house is packed and ready to go. You're super prepared, just like you always's going to be a SMOOTH MOVING DAY!

Just one thing, are you aware of the list of items that are banned by Federal Law from being moved from your home by the Moving Company? Common sense tells you that they won't be able to move things like a Gas Tank, Propane Tank and Ammunition, but the list is actually much longer than that! So we've put together the list for you so you're not caught off guard and left having to make other arrangements for these items at the last minute and taking up valuable time on moving day, or holding up your moving day altogether, until you can take care of these items before you can leave the home.

It's important to pay special attention to this list because your Moving Company WILL NOT move these items, under any circumstances, and you can't just leave them in the home your vacating.


  • Gas Tanks
  • Propane Tanks
  • Ammunition
  • Car Batteries
  • Charcoal
  • ​Darkroom Chemicals
  • Batteries
  • Nail Polish
  • Scuba Tanks
  • Liquid Bleach
  • Household Plants
  • Lawn Chemicals: Weed Killers & Pesticide
  • Pool Acids & Chemicals

* Some Movers will NOT take Lawn Movers or Generator's you'll need to check ahead of time. If your mover does take these, remove as much gasoline as possible before moving day!

** We have provided you with a complete list as it stands within our resources. Because Federal Guidelines change & Moving Companies have their own rules and regulations, it is critical that you check with your Moving Company PRIOR to your move to find out exactly what THEY will and will not move for you.

For more helpful Home Selling and Moving Tips, check out our website and Facebook Page, or give us a call anytime at 941-882-2229.

Venice FL Home Seller 5 Safety Tips!


Planning on putting your Venice FL home on the market?  Whether you are doing it yourself or using a Professional Real Estate Team who specializes in the Venice Florida area housing market, the issues of safety still apply.  

We've all heard the stories about things happening to agents who met with some "not so wonderful" situations when meeting a potential buyer, alone at a empty house, those incidents are NOT the norm.  However, it's still good practice to take the necessary steps to protect yourself from any type of unsavory situation- however rare they might be.

Here are 5 safety tips for Home Sellers, to ensure you are happy & safe at all times during a Home Showing.   

  1. Make A Plan and Stick To It!  A good plan, inherently lowers any potential risk.  Identify who will show the home, you, your agent, or the buyer agent...and how they will enter.  DO NOT USE A HIDE-A-KEY!  I wouldn't even use a combination lock, because really, you have no idea who else might know the combination after you start sharing it.  It may sound a little paranoid, but come on, do you want anyone but your immediate family to have a key to your house?... I wouldn't.
  2. Put Your Home On A Schedule  Yes, you want to be flexible so buyers can see the house on their schedule, but you don't want it to be so easy as to "just stop over anytime".  Control the access to your home, and create a schedule to reduce the risks of people taking advantage of an "anytime schedule".  
  3. Secure Valubles and Medications There have been stories in the news of prescription medication's missing from homes during open houses.  Though I can't say these are stories we hear personally here in Cheshire, we do know that they can happen. Therefore, it is important to take the simple precautions; secure your valubles and medications.   
  4. Control Who Sees Your Home Because the incidence rate of agents who have been harmed when going to a home alone to meet a client has been climbing, it is a good policy that ANYONE showing a home to a new client, get to know them & their background, as well as having another individual with you when showing the home for the first time, to that individual.  If you are home alone and are asked to show your home, make a good judgement call.  If you don't feel right about doing it at that time, then turn down the prospect and schedule for another time when you will have at least two of you in the home.  Or consider listing with a Real Estate professional that can take that stress off of you completely!    
  5. Never Show Alone As Real Estate Professionals, we work with Home Buyers all the time, but there is a system to reduce unnecessary risks; like meeting at the office first or taking a colleague with us.  Unless you already know the person who is coming to see your home, qualify them!  After you deem them, 1. Safe and 2. Likely To Buy, schedule the showing and have at least one other person there with you.  It can be a family member, friend or roommate.   Then guide them through the home, don't let them just wander around alone!

If you have any questions, please give us a call or visit our website!  Nick Flerlage Team  at  941-882-2229.

If you've been considering selling a home in the Venice FL area....NOW is truly YOUR TIME TO DO IT!  There hasn't been a SELLERS MARKET like this since 2008. Don't let it slip by. Give us a call today and we'll help you get your home ready to be put on the market so that you can make top dollar in the least amount of time possible! We are EXPERTS in the's what we do best.

                                               VENICE FLORIDA......LIVE THE PARADISE LIFE!

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