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Sarasota Named Best Place to Live!

by Nick and Beth Flerlage

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The Sarasota metropolitan area has been named one of The Best Places to Live in the U.S. in 2017! U.S. News & World Report looked at the 100 most populated areas in the country and analyzed them based on value, desirability, quality of life, job market, net migration, and other key factors.


Looking for an amazing place to settle down? Look no further than Sarasota! This metropolitan area with 735,767 residents was recognized for its stunning beaches, beautiful year round weather, sizable job market, and booming arts and cultural scene. This city has experienced one of the largest net migrations of the others on the list, with a 10.7% growth between 2010 and 2015. Although cost of living compared to annual income is slightly more, the many amenities offered by Sarasota, plentiful recreational areas, excellent schools, fun community events, and more, continue to make it an attractive spot for families and retirees.





Ready to call this incredible city home? Check out the Current Homes for Sale in Sarasota. Give The Nick Flerlage Team a call today or visit our website at  



Graphic Credit: U.S. News & World Report


What Buyers Should Expect in a Home Inspection!

by Nick and Beth Flerlage


You are ready to close on your home in the beautiful Suncoast! You obviously fell in love with the home but what if there are issues that you overlooked?! It is important to ensure that the home you are buying does not have anything wrong with it before you sign that final agreement. A Home Inspection is the best way to protect yourself and your finances before you purchase the home. Here are our tips to make sure that you get the most out of this step in the home buying process!



How to find a home inspector.

It is important to do your research before hiring a home inspector. Home inspections can be costly so you want to make sure that you are getting the most for your money. More importantly, you want someone who will do a thorough review of the home to uncover any issues that you need to know about. Contact the Nick Flerlage Team for our list of Recommended Home Inspectors in the Suncoast area. We are happy to help you! We also suggest that you interview several home inspectors before hiring one. This gives you the opportunity to find out about their particular experience, areas of expertise, and past training. Finally, ask to see some examples of their past home inspection reports. The more detailed the better for you!



What happens during the home inspection.

Once you have found a qualified home inspector, they will go to the home to do a thorough review. If possible, it is recommended that you attend the walk through with them so you can find out about any issues as they uncover them. If you cannot, a good home inspector will take detailed notes and photos for you to see afterward. The home inspector will examine all major aspects of the house. This includes its structure and systems, such as electrical and mechanical. They will check how everything operates, from the plumbing to the air conditioning. They will also look at doorways, windows, ceilings, walls, and floors for any problems. Remember, a home inspector does not have x-ray vision (unfortunately) so some issues might remain hidden. However, they should be able to identify the main areas you need to know in order to decide whether it is best for you to proceed with the closing or walk away from the home.



Check out our other Home Buying Tips for more important information that will help you along this process. If you are still searching for your dream home, Search Homes for Sale throughout the Suncoast. Give us a call today or visit our website at



Tips for finding your Suncoast Dream Home!

by Nick and Beth Flerlage

Looking for your dream home in the Suncoast? It is no surprise why! With amazing communities to choose from, stunning beaches and natural areas, and gorgeous weather year round, the Suncoast in Florida is the perfect place to settle down. Finding the perfect home can be an overwhelming process. You want to choose a home that will fit all of your family’s lifestyle and needs now and into the future. Follow these tips for finding your Suncoast Dream Home!

Prioritize your must haves!

There are all different kinds of homes available in the Suncoast. In order to help you navigate through all the options, you need to first determine what features are most important to you. Decide how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need. Prioritize what additional features and amenities that you must have or can live without. Are you looking for a beach front property or one in a quiet suburban neighborhood? Does your family want a pool? Determining all of these “must-haves” will help you narrow your home search. Be cognizant of what you desire in a home as well as what features are deal breakers. Always stay flexible with your expectations though! You might find your dream home has features that you were not expecting that you wanted!

Establish your price range.

Before you start actively searching for your home, it is advisable to secure Financing first. This allows you to know what you can actually afford. Once you know your real price range, you will avoid wasting time looking at homes that are outside of your budget.

Begin your search online.

The internet is a helpful tool in today’s real estate market. You are able to browse through home listings on your own time. This process can be overwhelming, though, as you try to navigate through all of the online pages. Our MLS Listings helps you narrow down your search by choosing unique options. Search by specific community, property type, school district, location, amenities, and so much more!

If you cannot find your dream home during your own search or simply do not have the time to look on your own, sign up for our Email Home Search! Once you select your search criteria, you will receive an initial email that lists all homes currently for sale that match it. Every morning thereafter you will be emailed an updated list with price changes or new listings. This allows you to be the first to know when the Suncoast home you’ve been waiting for hits the market!

Select a knowledgeable realtor.

Working with an Experienced Real Estate Team can make a huge difference when looking for your dream home. A knowledgeable realtor knows all about the Suncoast area, market trends, financing regulations, and more. They are experienced in handling the negotiations and paperwork that come along with the home buying process, eliminating potential stress and confusion for you every step of the way. We will listen to all of your desires for your Suncoast home and make sure to show you the homes that meet your expectations.  


Schedule Home Showings.

Now that you have narrowed down your search, ask your realtor to set up showings with each of the homes you are interested in. Home viewings are your opportunity to see the house itself as well as the neighborhood that it is located in. As you search the home, make sure to thoroughly inspect its exterior and interior and ask questions! You want to be fully informed in your decision. It can be helpful to bring a notepad to jot down anything you notice about the house to assist you as you continue the process. You are about to make a major investment so you want to make sure that you love the home and do not have any concerns about it.

Be patient.

Finding your dream home is a process. You might be lucky and find it immediately or you might have to search many homes before you finally find it. Work with your realtor throughout the process to help you along the way. We will keep searching for you until all of your needs are met. And once you find it! We will help you secure your Suncoast dream home for you and your family to enjoy for years to come!

Your dream home is waiting for you in the Suncoast! Follow these tips to help put the keys to your new home in your hand in no time. The Nick Flerlage Team will use our years of experience in the Suncoast area to help you find and Buy your dream home. Call us today at (941) 882-2229 or visit our website at so we can help you get started!

What are Fall Buyers Looking at in Your Home?

by Nick and Beth Flerlage

Fall is a great time to be a homebuyer for many reasons. There often is more inventory with less competition and sellers are more willing to negotiate. It also provides a good time for buyers to find potential issues with the home as the weather cools down. Although the seasons do not change dramatically in the Suncoast, there are some temperature and seasonal changes that can affect the functionality of certain items within your home. As a buyer, you want to make sure that your home will be comfortable and in prime shape all year round. Look at the little details when searching for your dream home. If you are selling your home this fall, you want to make sure to fix any issues that might keep buyers from further pursuing your property. Here are the key items to look at this fall whether you are buying or selling your home in the Suncoast.

The Windows. One of the perks of living in the Suncoast are warm days year round. Average temperatures stay in the 70s throughout the fall and winter months during the day but the nights can get cold. You do not want to discover that there are drafty windows on those colder nights. Take a look at the insulation around the windows to make sure that you will stay comfortable all year round.

The Air Conditioner. The hot summer days are over so the air conditioner becomes less of a necessity as you head into fall in Florida. This does not mean that you will not still need to use it. Make sure to have an inspector check the functionality of the air conditioner. Since the frequency of use will go down, fall is the perfect time to see if a new filter is needed or if weird noises are coming out of the condenser outside. These issues can be fixed now before it is run all the time next year.

Pesky Pests. There is potential for bugs and mosquitoes all year round in the Suncoast. However, fall is still a good time to make sure that the house is bug proof before the next hatching season starts. Look for standing water that might be the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Also inspect the house for any easy access points for these critters to enter.  

The Gutters and Drainage. September is the usually the rainiest month in southern Florida. This means that fall is the perfect time to make sure that gutters are working properly. Besides the gutters, you should also make sure that there are not any clear drainage problems. Water that has accumulated in the yard could mean that there are grading issues or leaky pipes. This could indicate larger issues that could continue throughout the fall and into the following seasons as storms can occur throughout the year in Florida.

The Neighborhood. Look into any potential developments that could be happening in the foreseeable future. Although new development helps strengthen a neighborhood, it also can lead to inconveniences such as road closures, increased traffic, and construction noise. With nice weather year round, construction never comes to an end in Florida but you do not want the added stress when you first move into your new home.

There are so many great properties available this fall in Venice and the surrounding communities. Check out our Featured Properties to find your dream home!

Interested in Buying or Selling a home in the Suncoast area this fall? Give the Nick Flerlage Team
a call today or visit our website at

Resource: REALTOR® Magazine  

Fall Home Buying in the Suncoast!

by Nick and Beth Flerlage

Spring and Summer are seen as the peak home buying seasons…..but FALL might truly be the ultimate season to buy. With many families settled into their new homes at the end of summer, there are amazing opportunities to find your dream home in a market with less competition and stress. Looking to buy a home in the Suncoast ? Use the season to your advantage! Here are the top reasons why you should purchase your new home this fall and not wait until the weather starts to warm up again next year.

Sellers with Homes still on the Market are Anxious to Sell

After having their homes listed all spring and summer, many sellers are worn out. Their homes might still be on the market because their asking price was too high during the warmer months. Now, they are looking to make a deal and are often more willing to lower their price in order to do so. As a buyer, use this to your advantage. You will likely have more success offering a lower price on a home in the fall than you would have previously.

Sellers in the Fall are Looking to Move

Sellers that leave their homes listed in the fall are doing so for a reason….they need to move. Whether it’s for a new job or because their new home is ready, these sellers are more serious about moving on to their new homes and need to have their current homes sold as soon as possible. They will likely be more open to negotiation in order to close the deal, especially before the upcoming holiday season.

You will have less Competition from other Home Buyers

Since fall is considered an off-season for real estate, there tends to be far less competition. The decrease in demand on the buying side does not translate to less inventory, however. There are still plenty of homes on the market! Whether it is new inventory or homes that have been on the market all summer long, buyers in the fall have a ton to choose from and are able to be more aggressive with their negotiations. Fall puts buyers in a great position of power to get exactly what you want! There are some many amazing homes currently on the market. Check out our Current Featured Properties to start the search for your home!

You have Lots of Resources at your Disposal

Since spring and summer are the peak real estate seasons, industry professionals such as agents, lenders, and movers, are incredibly busy. With many clients settled into their new homes at the start of the school season, realtors and others have more time time opening up….meaning that you can have more of their undivided attention. This is extremely beneficial when you are looking to buy a home. Take advantage of all of the resources out there. An Experienced Real Estate Team is dedicated to helping you move into your dream home this fall.

Crime Rates Go Down in the Fall

The end of summer tends to be the main months in which home related crimes, such as burglaries, occur. If you are buying your home in the fall, this allows you the opportunity to do more research prior to purchasing in order to find out about crime rates in the area and take precautions in your new home to protect yourself, if necessary.

Spruce Up Your New Home With End of Year Sales

The fall months are prime shopping season when it comes to home appliances, decor, maintenance goods, and more. Major retailers always offer these consumer goods at great discounts in the fall in order to prepare for next year’s trends and models. You can outfit your new home with amazing deals! Update your home with fresh paint and carpeting in September, when these goods are often put on sale. Keep your Florida lawn looking great all year round by purchasing your lawn mower in October. Create your dream kitchen in November with the help of new appliances and cookware at a discounted price.

Use Tax Deductions to Your Advantage

Regardless of which calendar month you purchase your home, homeowners can claim deductions on property tax and mortgage interest for your entire year’s worth of income. Payments completed prior to the loan closing will be considered tax deductible, even if they occur in November or December! You can save a considerable amount of money on the taxes you owe by purchasing your home later in the year!

Fall is the perfect time to Buy your dream home in Venice and the surrounding communities!! Call us today or visit our website at

Resource: Forbes

5 Questions for The First-Time Venice FL Home Buyer










If you're a First-Time Home Buyer there is a process you should follow in order to be "successful" in the Home Buying journey. Too many times we will see a FTHB (First-Time Home Buyer) go through the process outside of the proper order and end up frustrated and hurt because it ends without them procurring a home. 

Here are the 5 Questions You Need to Answer Before Entering The Home Buying Proces

  1. How Much Can You Really Afford? A good rule to follow is: 25%-30% of your "net income" per month is your safe zone, and what you can afford as your payment for housing costs. Not your GROSS pay...but your NET pay (Net Pay is what you make AFTER TAXES have been taken out). Once you know what you can afford per month, then you are ready to speak with a Mortgage Broker or Mortgage Lender. Remember, you want to be conservative so that if one of you were to lose your job, you could still afford to keep your home.
  2. What are the COSTS involved Outside of the Loan? It is important to go over with your Lender ALL the costs associated with both the closing of your loan, monthly costs of your loan and the maintenance of your home. All these costs add in to what your home will cost on a monthly/annually basis.  Make sure to include taxes, homeowers association dues, utilities, homeowners insurance and mortgage insurance. Other things to consider are: If you're buying a "fixer upper" you'll need contractor bids, and you should always have a reserve or emergency fund of at least 6 months of your current salaries put into a savings account and built into your costs.
  3. Will this house be satisfactory for my Long-Term Goals? Although purchasing a home now is based on your current financial condition, and should be, you also need to consider if this home will fit your needs down the road. Are you planning on having children, or more children? Are the schools sufficient for your schooling needs or will you have to fund a private school education? If you have to go the private school route, you may want to spend money on a higher priced home to forego having to pay for a private school education. These are all real discussions that should take place on the front end of your home purchase to save major headaches and dollars spent (potentially lost) down the road.
  4. What Do I NEED from the Neighborhood I'm pursuing? This is such an important question! Do you need a neighborhood that has a grocery store, gym, great restaurants, etc within walking distance of your home? Or are you looking for more of a suburban neighborhood that has great parks and schools and you'll drive anywhere else you'll need to go? Are you looking for a large urban feel or quaint small town atmosphere? Get out your pen and paper and make a Wish List of everything that's important to you in the perfect neighborhood.
  5. Am I READY TO BECOME A HOMEOWNER? The biggest question of them all. When you are a homeowner, you need to reconcile with the fact that a lot of your time and money will go into your home! Make sure you are ready, and buy responsibly. If you do, and you do the proper research, being a homeowner will live up to every expectation and dream you have for it!

 When you HAVE answered these questions, or if you need help or direction in answering them, but know you want to become a VENICE FL HOMEOWNER, give us a call and we'll partner with you to help you through each and every step of the process to ensure you make the best decisions for your situation.

To find more tools and tips about becoming a homeowner in Venice, visit our website at: EXPERIENCEVENICE.COM

Reference: RISMedia March 2015

Venice FL: You Need to Buy a Home Now!

by Nick and Beth Flerlage

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