Your looking to renovate your house...but it's not just a house;  it's the place you make memories with the ones you love, where you work, play and unwind!  It's your HOME. So when it comes torenovating this home, you need to take into consideration every aspect about your life. How you live your life on a daily basis, and not just you and your spouse, but the entire family.  Once you've considered the families aspect you must then evaluate the renovations themselves.  If you are choosing between a new deck and adding a recoring studio for your son, you have to consider which improvement will help you sell the house when the time comes. Also, which improvement will help you recoup the money spent on the renovation itself at the sale of the home?


DECK ADDITION- Living in a year-round warm weather climate, having a deck that can function as "Outdoor Living Space" is a perfect enhancement to your home. It takes advantage of the beautiful climate and actually gives you additional space for entertaining and day to day living. Depending on materials used- Trex, Exergrain, TimerTech- These are maintenance free materials and are a HUGE selling point for you when/if you choose to Sell Your Home at a later date.

ATTIC ADDITION- There is an architectural rule that says..."If you can't build out, build up". If you cannot build out in your current home because of restrictions or not enough land to do so, consider the option to build up.  If you have an Attic, have a contractor take a look at the feasibility of putting in an additional bedroom. Some can do more, but if you're in a smaller home even one additional bedroom will give you added space and value to your home when it comes time to sell.

BATHROOM ADDITION- This one is the more costly on the list, but definitely worth it! Bathrooms will ALWAYS bring the value to your home. That's why most Home Buyers look favorably on Listings that have roughly the same bedrooms to bathroom ratios on their property. If at all possible plan for a FULL bathroom addition, settling for a half bath if that is your only option.

KITCHEN REMODEL- A major kitchen remodel can be a FANTASTIC boost to your home, but it can be a tough decision too. Reason being, once you get into the cost of a major remodel ofthismagnitude you could be looking at a down payment on a new home. However, there are plenty of situations where doing a great kitchen remodel are completely acceptable, just make sure it makes sense for you.  Will you be staying in your home for many years to come? Will you be able to gain back money from the remodel at the time you sell your home down the road (Home Values & Your Neighborhood)? Kitchen remodel's can add tremendous value to a home in the right circumstances, and remember, even minor kitchen remodels are a BIG boost to your home's value.

SUNROOM OR ENCLOSED LANAI-Living in Florida we have some home value boosters that other states may not have, and this is one of them! An enclosed sunroom or Lanai is a HUGE asset to any home. You can take advantage of our lovely scenery, in the air conditioned comfort of the enclosed space. Plus, this is a BIG SELLING point when you do decide to sell your home. Be sure to work with a good contractor that knows how to seal windows and enclosures for the temperatures, winds and rain that come with living in the Florida area. 

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